Future Potential Crops for Nutritional Security
Dr. S. K. Yadav
Basics of NGS and ION technology
Dr. Rudra Prasanna Panda
MILLETS: Promising cereal crops for next generation agriculture.
Dr. R. A. Gami
Utilization of native flora for landscape gardening
Dr. Vishal Vankhade
Value addition of potential crops through bakery products. (Practical)
Dr. I.M. Patel
Rare tree species and it contribution in industrial sector
Dr. A.G. Patel
Plant derived HDAC inhibitors and their therapeutic potential
Dr. Shabir Ahmad Ganai
Socio-economic challenges towards the adoption of underutilized crops under cultivation.
Mr. Arnab Biswas
1. Application of Genome editing tools in climate resilient Agriculture 2. Importance of whole genome sequencing for the improvement of potential crops: Buckwheat as an example. (Practical)
Dr. Ngangkham Umakanta
Value addition of fruits and vegetable crops with respect more economic returns.
Dr. Manoj Kumar Jaypal
SNP genotyping in crop plant.
Dr. Karen Pachchigar
Marker assisted breeding for genetic enhancement of underutilized crops
Dr. N. V. Soni
Wild species a great source of biotic and abiotic stress resistance in crops
Dr. R.N. Patel
Value addition in fruit crops (Practical)
Dr. Manoj Kumar Jaypal
Online Post-evaluation Examination
Dr. N.B. Patel
Genomic diversity study of Amaranthus.
Dr. Kapil K. Tiwari
Speed breeding: A powerful tool to accelerate crop research and breeding (Practical)
Dr. Y. A. Viradia
Genetic improvement of nutritional quality through biofortification of millets.
Dr. Mithlesh Kumar
Moringa: A miracle crops with respect phytochemicals content
Mr. J. S. Patel
Diversity analysis of different Amaranthus species through molecular marker. (Practical)
Dr. Kapil K. Tiwari
Potential crops and its contribution to sustainable agriculture production. (Practical)
Dr. S. D. Solanki
Utilization of underutilized millet for mitigation of heat stress in cereal crops.
Dr. A. K. Singh
QTL mapping of underutilized crops for developing climate resilience crops (Practical)
Dr. Kapil Tiwari
IPR Issues Related to Plant Genetic Resources (PGRs)
Dr. Niranjana Murthy
Basic and introduction of Realtime PCR on ABI supported chemistries
Dr. H. N. Zala
Introgressive breeding for quality enhancement in Brassica.
Mr. J. R. Patel
Breeding strategies for climate resilience crops
Dr. L. D. Parmar
Recent Advances in Annona for Genetic Improvement (Practical)
Dr. N. V. Soni
Genetic transformation: A new perspective
Dr. A. C. Patel
Fruit crops for arid region.
Dr. Piyush Verma
The Genetic Mechanism of Pistillateness in Castor: Challenges & Needs
Mr. A. M. Patel
Postharvest technology for minor fruits and vegetable crops. (Practical)
Dr. Ashish Dixit
Recent advances in Kankoda (Practical)
Dr. Jitendra Tiwari
Nutrient retention after processing of fruits and vegetable crops. (Practical)
Dr. Ashish Dixit
Allele mining: A innovative technology of gene discovery.
Dr. Kapil K. Tiwari
Pre-evaluation Examination
Dr. N.B. Patel
TILLING: A reverse genetic approach for gen discovery for specific trait.
Mr. K. G. Kugashiya
Minor fruit crops and their importance in human diets.
Dr. H. N. Leua
Analysis of bioactive and secondary metabolites through HPLC analysis (Practical)
Dr. H. B. Patel
Mainstreaming of Potential Crops in India under National Coordinated Network.
Dr. H.L. Raiger
Breeding minor vegetable crops with respect to nutritional quality (Practical)
Dr. K. N. Prajapati
Physiological intervention in crop plant to enhancing stress tolerance.
Dr. A. K. Singh
Phytochemical analysis (Practical)
Mr. J. S. Patel
Iron and zinc estimation (Online-Practical)
Dr. J. M. Patel
Epigenomics and its application in crop improvement
Dr. Veenit Kaswan
Primer designing for SNP genotyping (Practical)
Dr. Karen Pachchigar
Exploitation of the neglected pulse crops is basic need to fight against the malnutrition.
Dr. M. P. Patel
Hands on training of Realtime PCR/ Basic and introduction of Realtime PCR on ABI supported chemistries (Practical)
Dr. H. N. Zala
Designer crop breeding in the era of climate change.
Dr. P. T. Patel
Recent advances for disease resistance in crop plant.
Dr. A. Chatopadhyay
Nutrient composition of minor millets and its importance in achieving the problem of malnutrition.
Dr. J. K. Malav
Genetic enhancement of Vigna species through distant hybridization.
Dr. Manish Sharma
Genetic improvement of quinoa and kalingada (Seed purpose water melon) through breeding approach.
Dr. N. N. Prajapati
DNA extraction and quantification from plant sample (Practical)
Dr. H. N. Zala
Amaranthus: A crops for the future in the era of nutritional security.
Dr. N. N. Prajapati
Traditional varieties: Conservation and importance (Practical)
Dr. J.M. Patel
Potential of neglected crops with respect to biotic and abiotic stress
Dr. H. S. Bhadauria
Brief functional introduction regarding tissue culture as well as plant molecular biology and biotechnology laboratory (Practical)
Dr. Mithlesh Kumar
Climate resilient potential crops for diversified agriculture
Dr. S. K. Kaushik
Conservation of medicinal crops: A future need (Practical)
Dr. P. C. Patel
Winter School

Conservation and Utilizations of Potential Crops in the Era of Climate Change
18 Jan 2022 - 07 Feb 2022


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