Field cum processing unit visit: Pushkar and nearby area
Dr Ravindra Singh
Integrated pest management practices in horticultural crops of arid and semi-arid ecosystem
Dr SK Sharma
Metabolomics for quality evaluation of horticultural crops
Dr MK Mahatma
Good agricultural practices for greening salt affected lands
Dr HS Jat
Conservation, collection and maintenance of germplasm of arid horticultural crops
Dr Dhurendra Singh
Doubling farmers’ income through floriculture: opportunities and challenges
Dr KIran Kumari
Challenges and opportunities in export of seed spices
Dr SN Saxena
Approaches of farming system in horticultural crops for doubling farmer’s income
Dr. R.S. Mehta
High tech horticulture for doubling farmers income
Dr. Balraj Singh
Management of field and stored pests of seed spices for enhancing farmers income
Dr. Krishna Kant
Doubling farmers income though export oriented horticultural crops by eco-friendly pests management
Dr. N.K. Meena
Good Agricultural Practices in horticultural crops for export purposes
Dr. Shiv Lal
Good Agricultural Practices for export oriented horticultural crops
Dr. Vikramaditya Pandey
Role of different organic manures in soil health management and sustainable production of horticulture crops.
Dr. Dinesh Arora
Precision resource management in horticultural crops
Dr. Ravindra Singh
Effect of abiotic and biotic factors on pollinators and their impact horticultural crops
Dr. N.K. Meena
Beekeeping for Pollination and Yield Enhancement of Horticultural crops – an all-India Perspective
Dr. Balraj Singh
Agribusiness and entrepreneurship development among farmer’s to boost earnings through horticultural crops
Dr MM Anwer
Resource and research management to improve the income and living status of Seed Spices growers
Dr. M.M. Anwar
Role of plant growth promoting rhizobacteria (PGPR) for enhancing yield and quality of horticultural crops
Dr. B.K. Mishra
In-situ nutrients management as per GAP standards in seed spices, medicinal plants and aromatic plants
Dr. O.P. Aishwath
Scope and constraints approaches in high value low volume horticultural crops for the economics and promotion of export
Dr. M. D. Meena
Farmers participatory quality seed production in vegetables and seed spices
Dr. B.S. Tomar
Importance and scope of organic spices production for export
Dr. Narendra Chaudhary
Exploitation of heterosis breeding in seed spices
Dr. Mohan Lal Jakhar
Breeding approaches for securing genetic purity and seed quality in seed spices
Dr. Mohan Lal Jakhar
Seed quality control system in India and low cost seed storage facility at household level to reduce the farmers seed cost
Dr. Sanjay Kumar
Enhancing the farmers income through production of medicinal and aromatic plants
Dr. Ravi, Y.
Nutrients management of organic farming for horticultural crops
Dr. Chetan Kumar Jangir
RGB imaging for crop monitoring and phenotyping
Er. Mukesh Kumar Vishal
Seed standards and DUS guidelines for seed production in seed spices for higher quality and yield
Dr. R.S. Meena
Role of plant growth regulators for enhancing abiotic stress tolerance and essential oil content in seed spices
Dr. Vasundhara Sharma
IPM in medicinal and aromatic plants
Dr. Manish Das
Genetic improvement of low volume high value horticultural crops for higher yield and quality
Dr. A.K. Verma
Practical: diseases of seed spices and their management approches
Dr RD Meena
Exposure visit to nearby Saradhana and surroundings
Dr Ravindra Singh
Practical: Precision resource management in horticultural crops
Dr Ravindra Singh
Role of growing vegetables in nutritional and income security of farmers
Dr BS Tomar
Cold deserts : Possibilities and challenges for horticultural crops
Dr AK Verma
Dissemination of seed spices scalable technologies for doubling farmers income
Dr Bhagieath Choudhary
Technological Interventions for increasing Sustainability and Profitability in Spices
Dr K Nirmal Babu
Winter School

Crop diversification with low volume high value seed spices and horticultural crops for doubling farmer’s income
11 Jan 2022 - 31 Jan 2022


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