Preparation and provisioning of PAU pollen substitute to Apis mellifera colonies
Dr Pardeep K. Chhuneja
Queen bee management
Dr Pardeep K. Chhuneja
Management of queenless and laying worker colonies
Dr Pardeep K. Chhuneja
Management of honey bee diseases Part-II
Dr Pardeep K. Chhuneja
Department of Entomology at a glance
Dr D.K. Sharma
Apicultural appliances and machinery, their specifications and application
Dr Amit Choudhary
Navigation cues for honey bees and their significance to the colony
Dr Jaspal Singh
Bee flora: spatial and temporal availability and importance to beekeeping
Dr Yuvraj Pandha
Colony examination and achieving precision in mapping data of honey bee colonies for scientific and applied purposes
Dr (Mrs) Bharathi Mohindru
Guidelines for establishing Apis mellifera apiary successfully
Dr Pushpinder Kaur Brar
Honey bee pheromones, their source, composition and their significance to the members of a colony
Dr Pardeep K. Chhuneja
Management of honey bee colonies during winter season
Dr Amit Choudhary
Techniques in hill and temperate apiculture
Dr M.A. Paray
Swarming: causes, process and management
Dr Jaspal Singh
Management of honey bee colonies during summer season
Dr Yuvraj Pandha
Management of queenless and laying worker colonies
Dr Pardeep K. Chhuneja
Criteria for selecting honey bee colonies to be included as parents in breeding programmes
Dr (Mrs) Navneet Kaur Dhaliwal
Honey bee nutrition, physiological and developmental influences and interventions
Dr Pardeep K. Chhuneja
Utilization of Bees for Pollination Service under Protected Cultivation of Crops
Dr Balraj Singh
Traditional techniques of mass queen bee rearing
Dr Amit Choudhary
Royal jelly: Technology for production and processing, its uses and the market outlook
Dr Jaspal Singh
Migratory beekeeping: prospects, management and problems
Dr Jaspal Singh
Acquiantance with basic honey testing facilities offered by AgMark
Dr Manmeet Manav
Selective mating of queen bees and concept of establishing mating nuclei and stations
Dr Baljit Singh
Honey bee glands and their role in apiculture
Dr Pardeep K. Chhuneja
Management of honey bee colonies during spring season
Dr Jaspal Singh
Management of honey bee colonies during Monsoon season
Dr (Mrs) Bharathi Mohindru
Scientific management of honey bee colonies
Dr Pardeep K. Chhuneja
Doolittle technique of mass queen bee rearing
Dr Jaspal Singh
Fundamentals of honey bee genetics for bee breeding
Dr (Mrs) Bharathi Mohindru
Karl Jenter and Cupkit: Novel technique of mass queen bee rearing
Dr (Mrs) Navneet Kaur Dhaliwal
Honey: its composition, processing and storage
Dr D. M. Wakhle
Tetragonula iridipennis- biology, nest structure and life cycle
Dr Stephan Devanesan
Instrumental insemination technique
Dr Susan Cobey
Management of Apis cerana in North and North-East India
Dr Ataur Rahman
Symptoms based diagnosis of honey bee diseases
Dr Pardeep K. Chhuneja
Role of PBTI in honey quality and authenticity assurance
Dr (Mrs) AjitDua
Latest honey standards and regulations in India
Dr Jacob
Impact of agriculture intensification on pollinators’ fauna
Ms Mehakpreet Kaur
Industry Interaction
Dr Chaman Lal Vashisht
Importance and technique of queen bee bank
Dr Baljit Singh
Honey extraction process and guidelines to maintain quality
Dr (Mrs) Bharathi Mohindru
Preparation and feeding of pollen substitute
Dr Pardeep K. Chhuneja
Role of stingless bees in rural economy
Dr Stephan Devanesan
Export of hive products; procedures, commitments, financial management and money exchange regulations
Dr Khushdeep Dharni
APEDA: Guidelines, status and contribution in export of apicultural products
Ashpreet Sharma
Drone bee management continues
Dr Pardeep K. Chhuneja
Tetragonula iridipennis- Species diversity, differentiation and geographical distribution in India
Dr Ataur Rahman
Conservation, domiciliation and uses of Xylocopa species
Dr Ataur Rahman
Immunological techniques as diagnostic tool for honey bee diseases and enemies
Dr TS Rai
Role of bees in pollination of crops
Dr G.S. Gatoria
Impact of Bt cotton on diversity and Apiculture
Dr Vijay Kumar
Applicability of electron microscopy in apiculture
Dr (Mrs) Anu Kalia
Principals and procedures in Mellissopalynological evaluation
Dr Lakshmi Rao
Honey bee genomics and its application in apiculture
Dr Deepak Singla
Production, processing and uses of bees wax and bee venom
Dr Jaspal Singh
Predatory wasps of Apis mellifera: diversity, behaviour, nature & extent of damage and management
Dr Surinder Sharma
Avenues and strategies of honey marketing
Dr Ramandeep Singh Jassal
Nutrition of honey bees
Dr Pardeep K. Chhuneja
Molecular tools for diagnosis of honey bee diseases and pests
Dr (Mrs) Bharathi Mohindru
Mann Makhi Farm Tungwali
Sh. Gurcharan Singh Mann
M/s Kashmir Apiaries
Sh. Jagjit Singh Kapoor
Bombiculture and its scope in India
Dr Harish Sharma
Side effects of Neonicotinoids on honey bees
Dr Amit Choudhary
Management of bee parasitic mites
Dr Bharathi Mohindru
Bee parasitic mites: their classification, morphological characteristics and life cycle
Dr (Mrs) Manmeet Brar Bhullar
Significance of packaging and labelling in honey marketing
Dr Ramandeep Singh Jassal
Profit enhancement through value added products of honey
Dr (Mrs) Jaspreet Kaur
Hazard indicators and assessment of pesticides against bees and pollinators
Dr Sajiv Anand
Waxmoths: Nature of damage and their management
Dr Yuvraj Pandha
Tiwana Bee Farm Doraha
Sh. Jaswant Singh Tiwana
Amolak Honey Patiala
Sh. Bhupinder Singh
FPOs and SHGs for enhancing farm income
Dr Ramandeep Singh Jassal
Pesticide residues in various hive products
Dr Kousik Mandal
Practices in Discriminant Analysis Techniques in Species and Sub-species Level Differentiation for Insects
Dr Kolla Sreedevi
Techniques of multiplication of Tetragonula iridipennis colonies
Dr Amritha VS
Technique of collection and processing of pollen and their uses
Dr Amit Choudhary
Technique of rearing drone bees for mass queen bee rearing programmes
Dr Pardeep K. Chhuneja
M/s Kejriwal Bee Care
Sh. Amit Dhanuka
M/s Maghi Ram & Sons Ludhiana
Sh. Jatinderjit Pal
Utilization of stingless bees for crop pollination under protected cultivation
Dr Avinash Chauhan
RNAi and its potential in Apiculture
Dr Vikas Jindal
Managed bee pollination for enhancing crop productivity
Dr V.V. Belawadi
Role of Apis dorsata in providing livelihood to rural communities
Dr. Prabir Garain
Innovative diagnostics for viral diseases of honey bees
Dr M. R. Srinivasan
Organic honey: Guidelines
Dr Pardeep K. Chhuneja
Winter School

Commercial Apiculture for Livelihood Security of the Farmers and Unemployed Rural Youth
10 Feb 2022 - 02 Mar 2022


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