Support system for entrepreneurship development in India
Dr. Sunil Nahatkar
Decision making: Concept & Process
Dr. O. P. Sharma
Agri-startups and rural advisory services
Dr. Sarvanan Raj
Managerial, Financial and marketing skills for running an agro enterprise
Dr. K. Ponnusamy
Organic farming for sustainable livelihood security
Dr. R.S. Yadav
Drones for boosting Agricultural productivity
Er. Prayas Saxena
Building Entrepreneurial competencies for agri-business development
Dr.Anupam Mishra
New Education Policy 2020 in reference to entrepreneurship development
Dr. Sanjay Sharma
Virtual Visit to Agri processing factory
Mr. Dharmendra
E-marketing: Present and future prospect
Dr. Anil Singh Parihar
Novel marketing and advertising strategies for budding agri entrepreneurs
Dr. Permendar Singh
Professional Ethics & values for Entrepreneurs
Dr. P.N.Kalla
Stress Management
Dr. Ravikant Adalatwale
Risk Management in entrepreneurship development
Dr. B.S. Gupta
Agro-tourism for entrepreneurship development
Dr. Ravindra Singh
Payment for ecosystem services (PES)
Mr. Lakhan Patidar
Virtual Visit of KVK, Ujjain
Sh. H.R. Jatav
CSR Funding
Dr. Vishal Vyas
Financial Management for Agri- entrepreneurship
Dr. Vishal Vyas
Natural Resource Management for sustainable agri-business development
Dr. D.H. Ranade
Entrepreneurial opportunities in sustainable nutrient management
Dr. S.S. Tomar
New Education Policy 2020 in reference to entrepreneurship development
Dr. S. K. Sharma
Farmers Scientists as innovators and successful entrepreneurs
Dr. Mahendra Madhup
Creating value in the agri-preneurial eco system
Dr. Ram Datt
Formalities to avail financial assistance and feasibility of project plan
Mr. Naresh Kedia
Agro-tourism for entrepreneurship development
Dr. Ravindra Singh
Talk with Successful entrepreneur
Mr. Manoj Pradhan
Digital marketing for agri entrepreneurs
Dr. Vinay Singh
Training & Development for entrepreneurs
Dr. R. K. Singh
Professional Ethics and Values for Entrepreneur
Dr. P.N. Kalla
Talent management
Mr. Rajiv Dwivedi
Conservation Agriculture: Building Entrepreneurship and resilient farming systems
Dr. Y.P. Singh
New Avenues in plant biotechnology for entrepreneurship development
Dr. M. K. Triphati
Winter School

Entrepreneurial Development in Agriculture for Sustainable Growth and Self reliance
24 Feb 2022 - 16 Mar 2022


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