How to patent livestock inventions
Dr. Shalini Arora
Development of poultry meat functional foods. (Practical)
Dr. Meena Goswami
Anatomical considerations in quality milk production
Dr.Archana Pathak
Health Clams, labeling and standards vis-a-vis functional foods
Dr. Manish Kumar Chatli
Comprehension of A1 and A2 milk
Dr. S. P. Singh
Goat milk market in India: Challenges and future prospects
Dr. Mukul Anand
Recent trends in nanotechnology to enhance functional properties of livestock products
Dr. Manish Kumar Chatli
Prepation of film forming solution for nano active edible films (Practical)
Dr. S.K.Bharti
Role of aromatic and medicinal plants to improve functionality of foods of animal origin.
Dr. Sanjay Kumar Bharti
Fatty acid analysis in milk and milk products (Practical)
Dr. Meena Goswami
Preparation of functional milk products(Practical)
Dr. Meena Goswami
Exploiting opportunity as a livestock entrepreneur
Dr.Sanjeev Kumar Singh
Scope and opportunities of meat processing in NEH
Preparation of functional Rosagulla (Practical)
Dr. S.K.Bharti
Preparation of slaughterhouse by-products (Practical)
Stress management for enhancement of milk and meat quality
Dr. A.K.Madan
Disc diffusion method to validate anti-microbial properties of food additives. (Practical)
Dr. Ruchi Tiwari
Texture profile analysis of functional meat products (Practical)
Dr. Meena Goswami
Identification and Traceability of Meat and Meat Products
Dr.S.K. Mendiratta
Natural phytobiomolecules and their role as antioxidants and antimicrobial entities
Dr. Amit Shukla
Development of composite dairy foods with enhanced health attributes
Role of functional foods in diseases prevention and health promotion
Dr. Vikas Pathak
Food safety issues related to mycotoxins present in foods
Dr.Vinod Kumar
Demonstration of SDS PAGE for detection of food borne pathogens. (Practical)
Dr.Dilip Swain
Estimation of MIC of different functional ingredients/food additives. (Practical)
Dr. Vinod Kumar Singh
Developments in probiotic based functional dairy products
Screening of food samples of animal origin for pathogenic E.coli. (Practical)
Dr. Barkha Sharma
Prospects and issues related with cultured meat
Dr. S. K. Mendiratta
Use of AAS for estimation of mineral content in meat and milk products (Practical)
Dr. Meena Goswami
Assessment of microbiological quality of food and water samples. (Practical)
Dr. Udit Jain
Drug Residue analysis in foods. (Practical)
Dr. Amit Shukla
Signal transduction mechanism of milk exosomes in regulation of immunity
Dr.Dilip Swin
Compositional and energy estimation in foods of animal origin (Practical)
Dr. Sanjay Kumar Bharti
Bio-active compounds in foods of animal origin
Dr. Meena Goswami
Use of UPLC for amino acid analysis in milk and meat products (Practical)
Dr. Sanjay Kumar Bharti
IPR issues related to foods of animal origin
Dr.Amit Singh
Providence of organic food industry in India
Dr. Vikas Pathak
Prospects and current status of functional foods in India and abroad
Dr.Vikas Pathak
Antimicrobial resistance in food animals
Dr. Rashmi Singh
Development and quality of functional goat and sheep meat products
Dr. V. Rajkumar
Identification of meat quality using qRT-PCR (Practical)
Dr. Brijesh Yadav
Poultry meat and eggs as functional food
Dr. P. K. Shukla
Local Excursion
Dr. Sanjay Kumar Bharti
Managemental practices for quality milk production
Dr. Rajneesh Sirohi
Flowers as a source of phytochemicals and bioactives in meat products
Dr. Arun Kumar Verma
Rheological analysis of meat and dairy products (Practical)
Dr. Arun Kumar Verma
An overview of kadaknath and ts importance in meat processing
Dr. N.K.Nayak
Winter School

Processing and quality evaluation of functional foods of animal origin
18 Jan 2022 - 07 Feb 2022


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