Pelagic Fisheries
Dr Prathibha R
Cephalopod taxonomy
Dr Geetha Sasikumar
Bivalve taxonomy
Dr Vidya
History of Taxonomy
Dr. Rekha
Analytics in Fish taxonomy
Dr. Sajeela
History of Ichthyology
Taxonomy of Gastropod
Dr Kavita
Carangid Taxonomy
Dr. A Samad
Shark taxonomy
Dr Sujitha
Techniques in fish preservation
Mr. Aju
Taxonomy of hemiramphidae
Mr. Tijo
Taxonomy of Clupeoid fishes
Dr Sivadas M
Identification of Needle fishes
Dr Subal
Crustacean Fisheries
Dr. Joslin
Marine fisheries of India
Dr Vivekanandan
Pelagic Fisheries
Dr. Pratibha Rohit
Taxonomy of Billfishes
Surya S
ICZN rules
Dr. K V Jayachandran
Type rules
Dr Rahul G Kumar
Taxonomy of Nemipteridae
Dr, Mahesh V
Taxonomy of Silverbellies
Dr K J Abraham
Taxonomy of eels
Dr Anil Mohapatra
Standard Protocol for measurig flatfishes
Dr. Rekha J Nair
Taxonomy of Sciaenidae
Sangeetha and Dr, Rekha J Nair
Software solutions to Biodiversity Analysis
Dr. J Jayasankar
Taxonomy of Groupers
Dr. Rekha J Nair
taxonomy of balistidae
Dr Satish Sahayak
Taxonomy of Anchovies
Ms Ashley
Taxonomy of Large pelagics
Dr Rajesh
Classification of Algae
Dr Reetha Jayasamkar
Pelagic Fisheries
Dr. Pratibha Rohit
history of Ichthyology
Vishnupriya KM
Myctophid taxonomy
Dr. Manju Sebastian
Taxonomy of flatfishes
Dr Rekha
Modelling approaches using taxonomy
Dr Grinson George
Taxonomy of catfishes
Taxonomy of Wedgefishes
Dr GB Purushotham
Taxonomy of Pigfacebreams
Dr Najmudeen TM
Demersal fishes of India
Dr Rekha
Diversity analysis using R
Dr Eldo Varghese
Winter School

Recent development in taxonomic techniques of marine fishes for conservation and sustainable fisheries management
03 Jan 2022 - 23 Jan 2022


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