Demystification of Genome wide analysis to rebuild the pure gene pool of goats (Theory)
Dr. Deepak Sharma
Identification of different breeds of goats with practical notings (Practical)
Dr. S.P.Singh
Rearing and management of Breeding Bucks (Theory +Practical)
Dr. Deep Narayan
Importance of Fecundity gene in enhancement of productivity in goats (Theory+ Practical )
Dr. Deepak Sharma
Practical demonstration of silage making (Practical)
Dr. Shalini Vaswani
Screening of nonvolatile biomolecules through application of High Performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) (Theory + Practical)
Dr. R. K. Yadav
Ovum pick up technology and role of ETT in goat farming (Theory + Practical)
Dr Yogesh Soni
Cost effective Development of Different housing models for rearing of goats under intensive feeding system(Theory +Practical)
Dr. Yajuvendra Singh,
Importance of mineral supplementation in goat feeding (Theory)
Dr. Vinod Kumar
Nutritional approaches to manage the Health and productivity of milking goats (Theory)
Dr. Muneendra Kumar
Nutritional intervention to reduce kid mortality (Theory)
Dr. Shalini Vaswani
Role of A1 A2 attribute in marketing management of goat milk(Theory +Practical)
Dr. Deepak Sharma
Diversification from conventional feeding approach (Theory)
Dr. Shalini Vaswani
Differential adaptability of goat breeds to harsh climatic conditions
Dr Brijesh Yadav
Principles of polyphysiograph for evaluation of cellular signalling mechanism(s) of biomolecules using isolated tissue preparations
Dr. Soumen Choudhury
Mineral mixture formulation: A practical dimension in feeding of goats (Theory +Practical)
Dr. Shalini Vaswani
Role of self help group in promoting women empowerment through Goat Farming (Theory)
Mr. Sanjeev Kumar
Strategies for improved goat farming (Theory)
Dr. Deep Narayan
Management of Production Diseases in Goats (Theory)
Dr. Shanker Singh
Goat based zero waste farming models (Theory)
Dr. Yajuvendra Singh
Ultrasonograhy techniques and its application in goat farming (Theory+ Practical)
Dr. Anuj Kumar
Pharmacotherapeutic importance of indigenous herbs and traditional knowledge in augmenting health and productivity in goats (Theory)
Dr. Amit Shukla
Prospects of goat abattoir industry (Theory)
Dr. Sanjay Bharti
Advances in preservation and packaging of Meat and Meat Products (Theory)
Dr. Meena Goswami
Practical approach to handle Inductive couple Plasma- OES for screening of metals and non metals in goat milk and meat products (Theory + Practical)
Dr. Shalini Vaswani and Dr. Avinash Kumar
Dr. Atul Prakash
Anatomical & Morphological characteristics to identify indigenous milk goats (Theory)
Dr. Varsha Gupta
Evaluation of genomic diversity in goats using whole genome sequencing approach
Dr. Amod Kumar
Ways to enhance Industry Academia Partnership in goat entrepreneurial sight (Theory+ Practical)
Dr. Amit Singh
Importance of zoonotic diseases in respect to goat farming(Theory)
Dr. Udit Jain
Selection strategies for goat breeds under Semi Arid Zone(Theory)
Dr. Deep Narayan
Chemico-profiling of different constituents using GCMS
Dr. Amit Shukla
Winter School

Intervention for paradigm shift from Conventional to Modern Approach in Goat Farming: A novel insight for Doubling farmer’s Income
11 Jan 2022 - 31 Jan 2022


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