Lighting and Indoor Environmental Quality
Dr Neena Jaju
Environmental Protection through Recycled Products
Environmental Protection through Recycled Products
Causes and Concerns of Indoor Air Pollution in Commercial Buildings
Dr. Priyanka Kulshreshtha
Dr. Bhagya Laxmi
Strategies to Conserve Energy in Residential Buildings
Dr. V. Vijaya Lakshmi
Need for Energy Conservation and effect of PAT Scheme in India
Dr Rajinikanth
Threats to Indoor Environment in Clothing Industry due to dyes, chemicals and Other Related
Er. Ayodya Kavitha
Energy Consumption in Commercial Buildings
Dr. V. Vijaya Lakshmi
Climate Action through Eco - friendly Buildings in India
Mr. Prasad Vaidhya and Mr. Amanda Thounaojam
Indoor Air Pollution- Mitigating Strategies Suitable for Residential Buildings
Dr. A. Mrinalini
Role of renewable energy resources in Energy Conservation
Dr. Tabish Alam
Role of Natural / Handmade products in Maintaining Indoor Air Quality
Mr. Ramesh Ramanathan
Consumption of Energy in Food Serving Units
Dr. A. Mrinalini
Causes and Concerns of Indoor Air Pollution in Commercial Buildings
Dr. Priyanka Kulshreshtha
Design and Operational Parameters related to Energy Conservation and Pollution Control in Hotel and Hospitality Industries
Dr. R. Ramesh Nayaka
Sustainable Farming: An Eco - Friendly Alternative to Control Agricultural Pollution
Dr. G. Sridevi
Environmental Sanitation and Hygiene in Animal Husbandry Activities
Dr. M. Srinivas
Institutions working for Environmental Protection: A case study from NGO in Gujarat
Dr. Sangita Patel
IGBC Guidelines for Green Building Design Speaker Details
Prem Sai
Incorporating ‘The Zero Concept’ in Educational Buildings
Dr. (Ar.) Roshni Udyavar Yehuda
Indoor Landscaping and its Benefits in Buildings
Dr. Mahalakshmi V. Reddy
Research on Energy Efficient Building Design
Chandan Swaroop Meena
Smart Home Energy Management System
Dr. Vishal Garg
Renewable Energy Technologies used in Modern Buildings
Dr. V. Vijaya Lakshmi
Impact of COVID on Energy Conservation in Buildings and Environment
Dr. D. Ratna Kumari
Building Materials and Their Efficiency in Controlling Energy Consumption
Dr. Shashi
Sustainable Green Technologies of PJTSAU
Dr. Pooja Sanku
Causes and Concerns of Indoor Air Pollution in Residential Buildings
Dr. Sumanth Chinthala
Eco - Friendly Ideas to Control Air Pollution in Commercial Buildings
Dr. Sarjoo Patel
Energy Consumption - Concerns and Challenges in Residential Buildings
Dr. Suman Singh
Creating sustainable source of raw material for Paper industry on farm lands: Working with small & marginal farmers
Dr Jagdish Tamak
Virtual Tour of College of Community Science, Saifabad, PJTSAU, Hyderabad.
Dr. V. Vijaya Lakshmi
Environmental Protection through Recycling Plastics into different Consumer Products
Amita Deshpande
Dr. Madhu Babu
Energy Consumption and Conservation Strategies in Food Serving Units
Dr. E. Shirin Hima Bindu
Effects of emerging Travel and Transit facilities on Energy Usage and Environment
Dr. B. Raghuram Kadali
Role of E - Vehicles in promoting Eco - Friendly and Energy Efficient
Dr. B. Raghuram Kadali
Impact of Bio - Medical Wastes on Indoor Air Quality in Hospitals and Health Care Centres
Suresh Kumar Rathi
Research on Eco - Friendly Interior Design Products
Dr. Mahalakshmi V. Reddy
Causes and Concerns of Air Pollution in Open pit mines
Dr. Sumanth Chinthala
Winter School

Energy Consumption and Environmental Pollution in Interiors: Issues & Challenges
01 Feb 2022 - 21 Feb 2022


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