Functional markers-development and utility
Dr. RM Sundaram
QTL mapping
Dr. Senthilvel
Screening for biotic stresses - a case study of shoot fly insect
Dr. PG Padmaja
MAB – Case studies in crop plants
Dr. RM Sundaram
Strategies for the development of molecular markers
Dr. P Rajendrakumar
Genetic diversity: concepts and methods for estimation
Dr. KN Ganapathy
Germplasm Utilization in Crop Improvement using Mini-core Approach
Dr. H D Upadhyaya
Molecular maps
Dr. R Madhusudhana
Map-based cloning and allele mining
Dr. M Sheshu Madhav
Marker-assisted recurrent selection and genomic selection
Dr. AK Singh
Marker assisted breeding in pearl millet
Dr. RakeshSrivastava
Functional genomics and discovery of candidate genes
Dr. KV Rao
Gene identification and Characterization in crop plants
Dr. V Dinesh Kumar
Transgenic approaches for millet improvement
Dr. D Balakrishna
Gene regulation for crop improvement
Dr. B Venkatesh Bhat
DNA markers for fingerprinting and genetic purity testing of crop varieties
Dr. P Rajendrakumar
DUS Characterization using conventional and molecular tools
Dr. K Hariprasanna
Molecular basis of heterosis
Dr. P Rajendrakumar
Biosafety issues in transgenic testing
Dr. KBRS Visarada
IPR issues in Plant Breeding and Biotechnology
Dr. Vilas Tonapi
Relevance of Molecular breeding approaches in millet crop improvement
Status of millet research in India
Dr. JV Patil
Phenotypic screening for abiotic stresses
Dr. HS Talwar
Association mapping
Dr. P Ramu
Molecular genetics: Basic concepts
Dr. V Dinesh Kumar
Conventional breeding approaches for millet improvement
Dr. C Aruna
Molecular marker systems for plant breeding applications
Dr. B Venkatesh Bhat
Breaking yield barriers using wild relatives: case study of rice
Dr. N Sarla
Marker assisted Selection for developing drought tolerant finger millet variety, ML365
Dr. Shailaja Hittalmani
Dr. S Ganesh Ram
Nutritional quality in millets
Dr CV Ratanavathi
Mapping populations
Dr. R Madhusudhana
Marker-assisted selection: new tools for precision breeding
Dr. Vinay Shenoy
JMP genomics
Dr. Sunil Archak
Winter School

Molecular breeding approaches for genetic enhancement of millet crops
06 Jan 2014 - 26 Jan 2014


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