Harvesting larval stages of flukes with particular reference to Fasciola gigantica for experimental studies
S.C. Gupta
Parasitic Disease Diagnosis: Conventional Versus Molecular Techniques
Dr. P.S. Banerjee
Isolation of genomic DNA and RNA from parasites-
Dr. A.K. Tewari
Immunity against parasite not always white and bright
T.K. Goswami
Fasciolosis in man and animals: a historical perspective
S.C. Gupta
Diagnosis of parasitic diseases through post mortem
Dr. Rajendra Singh
Real time PCR for sensitive detection of protozoan parasites
Dr. Hira Ram
Current trends and future prospects for vaccine development against poultry coccidiosis
Dr Rajat Garg
Nested PCR based differentiation of Eimeria spp.of poultry
Dr Rajat Garg
Biosafety in research and diagnostic laboratories
Dr. D. Chandra
PCR-RFLP based identification of Cryptosporidium spp.
Dr. P.S. Banerjee
Immunoprophylaxis against GI nematodes in small ruminants-
Dr. A. Prasad
Advances in diagnosis of heart worm disease
Dr. S. Samanta
Diagnosis of Toxoplasma gondii
Dr. A.K. Tewari
Understanding survival strategies of Haemonchus contortus and its importance
Dr. P. Joshi
Application of RNAi in parasitology research
Dr. Hira Ram
Raising of hyperimmune sera and western blot analysis of Paramphistomum epiclitum
Dr. Hira Ram
A discussion on diagnosis of animal schistosomiasis
Dr. M.C. Agrawal
Rapid diagnostics for effective diagnosis of parasites using nanotechnology
Dr. Praveen Singh
Genetics of host’s resistance against intracellular pathogens
Dr. A. Mitra
Parasite induced behavioural changes in hosts- an evolutionary saga of host-parasite battle
Dr. P.S. Banerjee
Molecular diagnosis of trypanosomosis in animals
Dr. Rajender Kumar
Basics of Bioinformatics in Animal Science Research :Sequence Retrieval and primer designing
Dr. GVPPS Ravi Kumar
Synthetic peptides: chemical synthesis and application in disease diagnosis
Dr. Sameer Srivastava
Chemical synthesis of peptide antigens and detection of serum antibodies by peptide enzyme immune assays-
Dr. Sameer Srivastava
Anthelmintic resistance-present status, future prospects and molecular tools for diagnosis
Dr. A Prasad
Determination of in vitro enzyme activity of Fasciola gigantic superoxide dismutase-
Dr. O.K. Raina
Molecular diagnosis of canine tick borne parasitic infections
Dr. Rajat Garg
Taenia solium cysticercosis: advances in diagnosis and control
Dr. B.C. Saravanan
Role of genetic resistance/resilience to control gastrointestinal nematodes in small ruminants update-
Dr. M. Sankar
Preparation of Somatic and Excretory-Secretory antigens from parasites and characterization by SDS-PAGE
Dr. S. Samanta
Allele specific PCR for detection of anthelmintic resistance-
Dr. A Prasad
Vaccines against parasites
Dr. Gaya Prasad
In present situation can we succeed in controlling schistosomiasis in India
Dr. M.C. Agrawal
Application of tools for acaricidal resistance monitoring
Dr. S. Ghosh
Current status of vaccine development against fasciolosis -
Dr. O.K. Raina
Winter School

Molecular biological approaches for diagnosis and control of parasitic diseases
02 Dec 2013 - 22 Dec 2013


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