Designing Information System in Agriculture
Dr. A K Choubey
Web Applications & Software at IASRI
Dr. P K Malhotra
Basic of Client Server Arcitecture
Sh. S B Lal
Introduction to Content Management System
Dr. Alka Arora
Working with HTML (Structure Formatting)
Dr. Sangeeta Ahuja
Working with HTML (Tables and Images)
Sh S N Islam
Front Page as HTML Editor
Sh. Pal Singh
Dr. Sudeep
Installation of Drupal
Sh. Subhash
User Creation & Role Management
Ms. Shashi Dahiya
Dr. Yogesh Gautam
Database Concepts & Database Designing
Dr. Rajni Jain
Building a Drupal Site (logo, site name, home page content, blocks modules)
Ms. Shashi Dahiya
Introduction to Drupal
Sh. Subhash
Dr. Yogesh Gautam
WAMP Server Technologies
Sh. K K Chaturvedi
Content Management on Drupal Site
Dr. Mukesh
e- Learning
Dr. R C Goyal
Sh. Himanshu
Working with Menu
Dr. Srinivas Rao
Recommender Systems and Information Retrieval
Dr. Adesh Sharma
Working with Themes (Company & Marinelli Themes)
Dr. Alka Arora
PHP Language (Basics)
Smt. Anu Dixit
SQL Commands
Sh. K K Chaturvedi
Working with Modules (CK Editor, Capcha, Media Gallery etc.)
Dr. Mukesh
Developing personalized sites using Google Sites
Dr. Srinivas Rao
Network Protocols & Client Server Architecture
Sh. S B Lal
Poodle: A Portable e-learning Content Management System
Dr. A P Ruhil
PHP Language (Database Connectivity with My SQL)
Dr. U B Angadi
Administering Drupal ( Launching a Drupal site, Troubleshooting a Drupal installation, Backing up and restoring a Drupal site, Updating Drupal, Deleting Drupal)
Ms. Shashi Dahiya
Winter School

Development of Web Application for Agricultural Information Management
19 Nov 2013 - 09 Dec 2013


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Mrs. Shashi Dahiya

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