Impact of processing on the bio-availability of nutrients and health implications in meat products
Dr V V Kulkarni
Health utility of Non bovine milk
Dr A K Singh
Fermentative digestibility of feeds for increased livestock productivity and its impact on quality attributes of Livestock products
Dr L C Chaudhary
Benefits and concerns related to animal based macro and micro nutrients.
Dr A K Biswas
Quantitative and qualitative detection of antibiotic residue in foods of animal origin
Dr Keshvan M
Factory farming and its implication on quality and safety of animal products, animals and environment
Dr G K Gaur
Health controversy over perceived benefits of sugar substitutes in dairy products
Dr Geeta Chauhan
Significance and principles of longitudinal and integrated safety assurance (LISA) approach in food system
Dr A S Yadav
Identification of antimicrobials by HPLC or Biosensors
Dr Praveen Singh
Advances in analytical instrumentation for quality assessment of animal products
Dr Arun Verma
Harmonization of Principles and Methods for Risk Assessment of chemicals/residues in Livestock products
Dr A G Telang
Components of foods from animal origin: biochemistry, metabolism and significance in human health
Dr Ajay
Physico-chemical storage quality indicators for safe and healthy animal products
Dr Tanbir Ahmed
Ascertaining the species origin of livestock products by DNA based assays
Dr Rajiv Ranjan Kumar
Prospects of antioxidants from foods of animal origin ensuring human health
Dr P K Mandal
Herb supplemented fermented dairy foods and health benefits
Dr. Shaik Abdul Hussain
Potential uses of “Panchgavya” (cowpathy) in human health applications
Dr A K Garg
Role of Animal source foods in human nutrition and health
Dr Gauri Jairath
Prescribing foods of animal origin in context of antibiotic resistance controversy
Dr Rishendra Verma
Techniques for dietary fibers enriched processed products of animal origin
Dr A K Biswas
Techniques for low salt meat products preparation using chemical/ herbal salt substitute blends
Dr Rajiv Ranjan Kumar
Salt substitutes for low and reduced sodium processed animal products.
Dr B D Sharma
Preparation of coagulated and fermented animal products
Dr Sagar Chand
The functional effects of dairy by-products in Human Health
Dr Sagar Chand
Concept and applications of processing technologies for higher nutrition with special reference to livestock products
Dr Ayon Tarafdar
Animal source foods: malnutrition and sustainability solution
Dr S K Mendiratta
Freshness quality indicators for animal source foods
Dr Suman Talukder
Potential of Indigenous meat products and dietary diversification strategy to address hidden health issues
Dr Devendra
Health Promoting dairy foods, their regulations and validation of their claims
Dr Bimlesh Mann
Kinetics of microbial inactivation for thermal processing technologies
Dr I Prince Devadason
Use of antibiotics in Animal food production system and its impact on human health.
Dr Ravikant Agrawal
Design and evaluation of criteria for organic livestock products
Dr Mahesh Chander
Role of Livestock in climate change and air pollution, determinants of global health
Dr Gyanedra Singh
Potential of natural products as preservatives for animal source foods: Antimicrobial and antioxidant applications.
Dr V Pathak
Use of animal derived products as functional food for human health
Dr Suman Talukder
Zootherapy in human health: A Biological prospection of Animal-based medicines
Dr S V S Malik
Traditional processing of milk with added health benefits
Dr Geeta Chauhan
Egg as a nutraceutical toimprove human health
Dr Abhisek Biswas
Use of probioticmicroorganisms in the formulation of animal source products and its health implications
Dr Sunil Kumar
Natural sweetener based dairy products preparation
Dr Geeta Chauhan
Additives used in processing of animal source food and their health effects
Dr Sagar Chand
Preparation of panchgavya derivatives of health utility
Dr Ravikant Agrawal
Fashionable packaging and its health implication
Dr Tanveer
Application of ICT in strengthening information systems of animal source foods related to global health
Dr Yashpal
Sensory properties of animal products based bioactive food blend developed to help the nutritional therapy
Dr Manish Kumar Chatli
Dietary protein quality evaluation of foods of animal origin and their role as complementary feeding and growth
Dr Tanbir Ahmed
Health effects of fat from animal source food
Dr Rajiv Ranjan Kumar
Animal source food as intermediaries of human health and animal health
Dr Z B Dubbal
Rapid method for protein, fat, and carbohydrate estimation for animal products based on elemental composition
Dr Sunil E Jadhav
Evaluation of microbiological safety of livestock products
Dr Ravikant Agrawal
Detection, Management and Prevention of Allergens from Livestock Products
Dr Himani Dhanze
Extra-nutritional role of proteins and peptides derived from Animal source food
Dr Devendra
Foods of animal origin: its effect on gastrointestinal health and functionality
Dr A K Biswas
Therapeutic potential of milk from different animals and their variants
Dr Nagendra Sharma
Calculation of the energy values of animal source foods using different system of conversion factors
Dr V B Chaturvedi
Preparation of healthy grilled/charbroiled animal products
Dr I Prince Devadason
Reducing Fat in animal source food by Processing
DR S K Mendiratta
Principles and Methods for Risk Assessment of microbiological safety in foods of animal origin
Dr K N Bhilegaonkar
Preparation of healthy snacks items from animal source food
Dr Suman Talukder
Therapeutic potential of milk from camel and sheep
Dr Raghvendra Singh
Useful waste treatment processes for processing wastes from animal source foods
Dr Tarun Pal Singh (CIRG)
Safety evaluation and measures against parasitic diseases of animal flesh origin: An Indian perspective
Dr Hira Ram
Concern and consequence of chemical residues in livestock foods and strategies to mitigate
Dr Muthukumar
Effect of Processing on proximate composition, digestibility, absorption and bioavailability of nutrients from animal source food
Dr Rajiv Ranjan Kumar
Prevention and control of food borne diseases with especial reference to livestock products for global health and security.
Dr Suman M
Cultured meat as an alternate for conventional meat
Dr Girish P S
Animal by-products meeting the challenges of human health and nutrition
Dr V Rajkumar
Farmyard manure management: its effect on soil nutrients and micro-biota contributing to global health
Dr Ranvir Singh
Summer School

Prescribing human health using foods of animal origin
08 Feb 2022 - 28 Feb 2022


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