Sterile Carps - New Candidates in Freshwater Aquaculture.
Dr. G P S Rao
Amur- Improved Breed of Common Carp, a new candidate species for aquaculture.
Dr. Y Basavaraju
Empowerment of fish farmers of Bengali camps (Rehabilitation camps) in Raichur district Karnataka: A success story.
Dr. Y. Basavaraju
Empowerment of fish farmers and entrepreneurship development.
Dr. K. N. Prabhudeva
Sustainable aquaculture through cluster approach – NFDB experiences
Dr. C K Murthy
Application of information and communication technologies in the fisheries sector.
Dr. Vivek Patil
Empowering farmers to venture into Aquaculture as an industry
Dr. K M Shankar
Water quality and water quality management in aquaculture.
Dr. Chethan N
Sustainable livestock production – issues and challenges
Dr. Vivek patil
Entrepreneurship Development of Fishers in Fish Value Added Products
Dr. L Krishnan
Promoting Innovations & Entrepreneurship in Fisheries thorough Business Incubation
Dr. Ravishankar
Karnataka Fisheries Development Corporation-A Success Story.
Mr. V K Shetty
Initiatives of CIBA in providing opportunities for entrepreneurship development in brackishwater fisheries.
Dr. Natarajan
Empowerment of community and Institutional arrangement- Key for Promotion of Rural Ornamental Fish Production.
Dr. D Seenappa
Freshwater Designer Pearl Production.
Dr. B V Krishna Murthy
Mr. Devakumar
Strategic Use of Intellectual Property Rights in Animal and Fishery sector for Value Extraction.
Dr. K P Ramesh
Impact of Modern Intellectual Property Rights Regime and Technology Management on Entrepreneurship Development in Animal and Fishery sectors.
Dr. K P Ramesh
Gender and fisheries.
Dr. Krishna Sreenath
Entrepreneurship in supply chain management of fodder seeds, fruit saplings and backyard chicken through public private partnership – a large scale adoption.
Dr. B. Mohan Namakkal
Promotion of fisheries enterprises in rain shadow district as a livelihood for small farmers.
Dr. B. Mohan Namakkal
Entrepreneurship Development in Ornamental Fish Culture.
Dr. Ahilan
Large Scale Entrepreneurship in Shrimp Farming – Experiences in Andhra Pradesh
Mr. K B Rajanna
Entrepreneurship Development in Freshwater Aquaculture - Role of CIFA, Bhubaneswar.
Dr. Shreedhar
Fish Seed Production as a Business Enterprise.
Dr. Y Basavaraju
Processing and value addition of fisheries products: a short summary.
Dr. M R Raghunath
Reclamation of Saline and Alkaline Soils through Aquaculture- A Review and Prospects for Future Research.
Dr. Shiva Kumar Magada
Brackishwater aquaculture technologies for empowerment of fish farmers.
Dr. Natarajan
Value addition as means for empowering rural fisher folk-with simple interventions.
Dr. L N Murthy
Improving Leadership Potential
Dr. S M Shivaprakash
Soil and water quality analysis
M/s. Orbit Technologies Ltd. Hyderabad.
Exciting Fisheries stories from Davanagere district, a KVK perspective.
Dr. T N Devaraj
Culture-based Fisheries in Suvarnavathy Reservoir, South Karnataka – A case study.
Dr. Krishna Rao
Empowerment of Fish Farmers in Carp Culture.
Dr. Ahilan
Empowerment of fish farmers and entrepreneurship development-MSSRF experience.
Dr. L Krishnan
Community Based Enterprise Development of Women Groups on Value Added Fish Products - A Case Study.
Dr. C V Raju
Dr. Krishna Sreenath
Entrepreneurship & Strategies For Business Development.
Mr. RSDB Gowda
Perspective on women in fisheries
Dr. Preetha Panikkar
Utilization Of Fresh Water Fishes By Preparing Fish Mince Based Products For Employment And Livilihood
Dr. Shamsundar
Fish Processing Waste: Management and Utilization
Dr. Shamsundar
Summer School

Empowerment of fish farmers and entrepreneurship development
04 Aug 2014 - 23 Aug 2014


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