NABL & Laboratory Accreditation
Mr Anand Deep Gupta
Visit to Punjab Biotechnology Incubator Mohali
Dr. Pranita Jaiswal/ Dr. Rahul K Anurag
Theories of rheological properties in food
Dr. R.K. Vishwakarma
Data measurement using RFID (Practical)
Er. Leena Kumari
Concept of colour measurement and sampling techniques for quality evaluation of food
Dr. S.N. Jha
Colour measurement techniques: acquisition of data and analyses (Practical)
Dr. Rahul K. Anurag
Importance of food texture in Quality assessment with recent advances in evaluation techniques
Dr. Rahul K. Anurag
Consumer perception and market for quality foods: A paradigm shift
Dr. Anil K. Dixit
Modelling & design of map system for maintaining the quality of perishables
Dr. Sandeep Mann
Quality testing in food/food products (proximate analyses) -Practical
Dr. D. Mridula
Pesticide residues in food of animal origin: Risk Assessment and Impact on Human Health
Dr. Jasbir Singh Bedi
Detection of pesticide residues in food articles- (Practical)
Dr. Jasbir Singh Bedi
HACCP in food processing (Jaggery/ livestock produce)
Dr. S.K. Nanda
Oxidative stability of fats and oil -Theory
Dr. D.N. Yadav
Oxidative stability of fats and oil (Practical)
Dr. D.N. Yadav
Microencapsulation for control release of active ingredients
Dr. K. Narsaiah
Protein quality evaluation using animal model system
Dr. D. Mridula
Near infrared spectroscopy for nondestructive evaluation of food qualitypy (Theory)
Dr. S.N. Jha
Quality efficacy and safety concerns in probiotic foods
Dr. Sangeeta Bansal
Analysis and interpretation of spectral data in terms of simple quality parameters (Qualitative: Data visualization / Principal Component Analysis (PCA) / Clustering / Outliers - Practical
Dr. Pranita Jaiswal
Supercritical fluid extraction: Applications in oil Industry (Theory)
Dr. Manju Bala
Food regulations and standards
Dr. Yogesh Kumar
Detection of Food Materials - Visible Imaging
Dr. Nachiket Kotwaliwale
Machine Vision Applications for Quality Detection of Food Materials -Non-destructive Internal Imaging
Dr. Nachiket Kotwaliwale
Maintenance of post harvest quality of horticultural crops
Dr. B.V.C. Mahajan
RFID technology for traceability & quality monitoring of agri-food prod.
Er. Leena Kumari
MAP modelling for shelf life extension (Practical)
Dr. Rahul K. Anurag
Mycotoxins in food: Techniques and challenges
Dr. H.S. Oberoi
Particle size analyses: Theory and application in food quality
Dr. D.M. Kadam
Applications of high Pressure Processing in improving meat quality and safety
Dr. Suresh K. Devatkal
Application of particle size analyses in quality assessment (Practical)
Dr. D.M. Kadam
Microencapsulation (Practical)
Dr. K. Narsaiah
IR measurement techniques : Acquisition of ultraviolet, visible and NIR/ FTIR spectra of food/biomaterial samples (Practical)
Dr. Pranita Jaiswal
Extraction of oil using supercritical fluid extraction from oilseed (practical)
Dr. Manju Bala
Detection of microbial contaminants using LAMP
Dr. K. K. Mondal
Molecular detection of bacteria in plant samples and fruit juice
Dr. K.K. Mondal,
Contemporary Science, Society and Post Harvest Technology
Dr. B. S. Bisht
Flavour Extraction Techniques
Dr. S. K. Tyagi
FDA approved techniques for quality evaluation of seafoods.
Dr. Arman Muzaddadi, (FPT)
Identification of meat species: Evolution in evaluation techniques.
Dr. Tanbir Ahmad,
Pressure assisted thermal processaing:Novel approach to food sterilization.
Dr. SK Devatkal,
Fish freshness and its freshness detection
Mrs. Monika kundu,
Food Safety and Quality - Role of Food Safety and Standard Act 2006
Dr. S.S. Marwaha,Chief executive Officer
Handling of fruits for maintaining quality
Dr. Wasaka Singh Dhillon,
Scope of processing, value addition and fortification
Dr R. K. Gupta
Spectroscopy approaches in detection of quality
Dr. Pranita Jaiswal,
Food quality and techniques for its measurement.
Dr. S. N. Jha Head, AS&EC Division
Development and evaluation of antimicrobial property of nano-functionalized biopolymer
Dr. D.K. Kadam
Detection of patulin using HPLC. (Practical)
Dr. Pranita Jaiswal,
Detection of coliform bacteria in water and milk. (Theory)
Dr. H.S. Oberoi
Detection of coliform bacteria in water and milk. (Practical).
Dr. H.S. Oberoi
Asparagine biosensors for food quality and safety.
Dr. Neelam Verma,
Biosensors for heavy metal ions and pesticide residue analysis in food.
Prof. Neelam Verma,
Analyses of spectra of food/bio-material samples.: quantitative analyses.
Pranita Jaiswal
Valedictory function
Dr. Pranita Jaiswal and Dr. Rahul Kumar Anurag
Inaugral function
Dr. Pranita Jaiswal and Dr. Rahul Kumar Anurag
Summer School

Food Quality and Safety: Recent advances in evaluation techniques
05 Aug 2014 - 25 Aug 2014


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