An introduction to emerging and re-emerging diseases
B K Bansal
Challenges in livestock health during natural disasters and their mitigation
Diagnosis and management of impaction in dairy animals
Ashwani Kumar
Haemorrhagic septicaemia – A threat to livestock farming in India
Practical approach for diagnosis of infectious bovine abortion
Role of Topographic Anatomy in clinical practice
Neelam Bansal
Peritonitis in dairy animals - an emerging threat
Sujata Turkar
Pathophysiology and management of equine colic
Swaran Singh Randhawa
Recent trends in prevention, treatment and control of brucellosis in dairy animals
Epidemiological concepts viz-a viz disease surveillance and its measures in animal population
Randhir singh
Judicious use of antibiotics in veterinary practice
S. Rampal
Recent trends in diagnosis and treatment of ketosis and fat cow syndrome in dairy animals
Charanjit Singh
Effect of global warming on livestock health and reproduction
Harish Kumar Verma
Basics of ECG
S.K. Uppal
Bovine lameness: an emerging problem in modern dairy farming
Swaran Singh
An overview of impact of trace mineral deficiency on livestock health
S.N.S. Randhawa
Challenges in diagnosis and control of mastitis in dairy animals
B.K. Bansal
Udder and Teat Affections
Dhiraj Kumar Gupta
Fluid therapy
P.S. Dhaliwal
Immune response and recombinant vaccines in farm animals
Shukriti Sharma
Bleeding disorders and their management in animals
P.S. Dhaliwal
Advances in diagnosis of eye diseases in animals
Ashwani Kumar
Fluoride toxicity in animals
R. Ranjan
Diagnosis and management of emerging toxicities in farm animals
V K Dumka
Diagnosis and Management of Renal Failure in Animals: An Update
S. K. Uppal
Common and emerging diseases of pigs
Sushma Chhabra
Alternative medicine in veterinary practice
Umesh Dimri
Ultrasonography in veterinary practice
Concept of Disease Registry
S K Uppal
Ultrasound for the diagnosis of diseases of cattle
S. Prathaban
Current concepts in pathophysiology and prevention of parturient paresis in dairy animals
D.R. Wadhwa
Application of conventional and advanced diagnostics in TB and JD
Blood transfusion in animals: a vital part of critical care medicine
Naimi Chand
Diagnosis of common mineral imbalances and production diseases in dairy animals
Sushma Chhabra
Use of radiography in disease diagnosis
J. Mohindroo
Recent advances in calf health management
Conventional and Recent advances in the diagnosis of Bovine Brucellosis
Importance of Hematology and Cytology in animal disease diagnosis
N.K. Sood
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Advances in diagnosis, therapy and prevention of emerging and reemerging diseases of livestock
08 Oct 2013 - 28 Oct 2013


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