Consortium of e-Resources in Agriculture (CeRA)
Amarendra Mishra
Introduction to Decision Support System
Rajni Jain
Linear Discriminant Analysis
Amarender Jha
Food Security issues
Anjani Kumar
Structural Break Analysis using Time series Data
P. Shinoj
IPR Issues
Neeru Bhoshan
Field visit to National Centre for crop forecasting
Dr. S. S. Ray
SAS Overview
Rajendra Prasad
Use of Remote Sensing for retrieval of crop biophysical parameters
Dr. Ajit Singh Nain
Grain Outlook Model
P. Shinoj
Linear Time-Series Analysis
Ranjit Paul
Food Safety Issues
Anjani Kumar
Risk Management in Agriculture
S S Raju
Economic Surplus Model
Ashok Mittal
Changing Rural Labour Markets
Ramesh Chand
Impact of Climate Change
P S Birthal
Overview of SPSS
Seema Jaggi
Nonlinear Time-Series Analysis
Ranjit Paul
Principal Component Analysis and Factor Analysis
A R Rao
Price Forecasting Techniques
Raka Saxena
Gender Sensitive Impact Indicators
Usha Ahuja
TFP Estimation by Tornqvist Index
B N Goldar
Study of Development of Agriculture in India Through National Agriculture Science Museum
Susheela Kaul
Demand Modeling and Projections
Pramod Kumar
GTAP Model
Rajesh Chadha
Overview of R Software
Hukum Chandra
Sudeep Marwaha
Impact Assessment of Agricultural Technology
Alka Singh
Utility of GIS and Remote Sensing in NRM and Land use Planning
G S Sidhu
Overview of Agriculture and Food Security
Ramesh Chand
Regression Analysis
L M Bhar
Estimation of Feed and Fodder Availability
S S Raju
Clustering Analysis
Alka Arora
Agricultural Diversification
P S Birthal
Economic Assessment of Biotechnology
N Chandrasekhar Rao
Vision 2050: Agricultural R&D
Ramesh Chand
Simultaneous Equations: Theory and Applications in Agriculture
Smita Sirohi
Priority Setting in Agriculture: Concept and Approaches
S K Pandey
Technical Efficiency Measurement in Agriculture Production
Suresh A Kurup
GIS for Decision making in Agriculture
Ajit Singh Nain
Optimization Techniques
Amarender Jha
Quadratic Programming
Amit Kar
Market Integration
Shiv Kumar
Summer School

Decision support systems in agriculture using quantitative techniques
02 Aug 2013 - 22 Aug 2013


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Dr. Rajni Jain

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