Demand Projection for Agriculture Commodity
Dr. D.R.Singh
Nonlinear Statistical Models
Dr. Sanjeev Panwar
FASAL Project
Dr. Dalip Singh
Time Series Analysis
Dr. N.Okendro Singh
Introduction to GIS and Remote Sensing
Dr. Randhir Singh, Prachi Mishra
Crop Forecasting Techniques-An Overview
Dr. K. N. Singh
SPSS- An overview
Seema Jaggi
ANN Approach for Crop Forecasting
Dr. Amrender Kumar
Data Reduction Techniques
Wasi Alam
Weather Based Forewarning models for Pests & diseases
Dr. Amrender Kumar
Spatial Temporal Variability of Land-use System using G|IS & RS
Dr. OBI Reddy
Introduction to Data Mining
Dr. Anshu Bhardwaj
Logistic Regression
Dr. L.M. Bhar
Support Vector Machine
Dr. Sanjeev Kumar
Remote Sensing for Crop Forecasting
Dr. S. S. Ray
Fuzzy Approach for Crop Yield Forecast
Dr. Amrender Kumar
Plant Character Based Pre-harvest Crop Yield Forecasting
Dr. N.Okendro Singh
Weather Based Pre-harvest Crop Yield Forecasting
Dr. Ranjana Agarwal
Data Clasification Techniques
Dr. Krishan Lal
Nonlinear Time Series Modelling
Dr. Himadri Ghosh
Forecasting based on Markov chain
Dr. Ramasubramanian V.
Stochastic Modeling and Simulation Techniques
Dr. D. Goshwami
Bayesian Approach for Crop yield Forecast
Dr. Chandrahas
SAS for Statistical Procedures
Dr. Rajender Prasad
Correlation and Regression Analysis
A. K. Paul
Crop Weather Modelling through INFOCROP
Dr. Rani Saxena
Forecasting Technique of Fish Production from Ponds
Dr. N.Okendro Singh
Online Expert System in Agriculture
Dr. Sudeep Marwaha/Pal Singh
Soil Information System
Dr. OBI Reddy
Crop Simulation Models in Climate Change Assessments
Dr. M. Mohanty
Effect of Climate Change on Productivity of Major Crops
Dr. M. Mohanty
Use of Remote Sensing and GIS for Yield Estimation
Dr. E. N. SIngh
Structural Time Series Modelling
Dr. Prajneshu
VARIMA Time Series Modeling
Dr. T.V. Sathianandan
Dr. Hukum Chandra
Market Intelligence and Price Forecast
Dr. S.P. Bhardwaj
Summer School

Summer School on Forecast Modelling in Crops
17 Jul 2012 - 06 Aug 2012


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Dr. N. Okendro Singh
Dr. D. R. Singh

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