Overview of Compounded Feed Industry
Dr.K.A.Doraisamy, Dean, VC & RI, Namakkal
Conservation of green forages - Silage making from locally available feed resources
Feed resource conservation through precision feeding of poultry and swine
Dr D Chandrasekaran
Concepts in livestock farming to maximize profit
Dr N K S Gowda
Advanced Analytical Techniques for Quality Assessment of Conserved Feed Resources
Dr A Natarajan
Extension strategies in Animal Nutrition
Dr B Mohan
Newer feed resources for feeding poultry
Dr B Mohan and Dr K Mani
Water and energy conservation in poultry farms
Customized chaff cutter cum grinder - Hands on Training
Dr M Moorthy
Spot tests for Nitrates and Detection of adulteration of fish meal with leather meal
Dr M Murugan
Newer feed resources for feeding livestock and poultry
Dr R Ravi
Futuristic protein sources for poultry
Dr M R Purushothaman
Field visit to bioenergy generation unit
Dr Kusumakar Sharma
Advanced methods and techniques for conserving feed resources – Microbial Quality Approach
Application of NIR spectroscopy for analysis and conservation of feed ingredients.
Dr R Kavitha
Climate resilient poultry production
P Vasanthakumar
Fodder seed conservation technologies for forage production
Dr B Mohan
Digestible aminoacid concept for feeding of poultry
Processing of animal waste through redering and extrusion technologies
Dr S Suresh kumar
Drinking water quality and conservation
Dr Gopalakrishnamurthy
Weather based poultry feeding
Dr A Natarajan
Short Course

Current Concepts and Recent Developments in Animal Feed Resources and Fodder Seed Conservation Technologies
16 Jun 2014 - 25 Jun 2014


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