Organic Dairy Farmaing ,Recent trends in dairy sector
Dr G.P.Lakhani
Immunotoxic hazards of environmental pollutants
Dr Varsha Sharma
Contamination in eggs effect of feed and environment
Dr J.K.Bharadwaj
Anthelmintic resistance A Challenge
Dr Vivek Agarwal
Environmental pollution affeecting gene polymorphism
Dr S.N.S Parmar
Biotherapeutics its Pharmacokinetics
Dr S.K.Bhavsar
HPTLC -Hands on training
Dr K.Shrman
Pesticides Impact on Livestock Production
Dr Sachin Kumar Jain
Effect of pollutant deposition on fisheries
Dr A.K.Mandloi
Antibiotic residue and environmental pollutants
Dr R.P.S.Baghel
An overview of antibiotic residues in meat products and metal toxicants in water bodies of jabalpur
Dr Y.P.Sahni
Antibiotic use in animal production -envvironment concern
Dr R.K.Sharma
Heavy metal estimation in biological samples using atomic absorption spectrophotometer
Dr Sunil Nayak
Relavance of pathology in pharmacotoxicity studies
Dr Amita Dubey
RTPCR -hands on training
Dr Giriraj Goyal
Impact of Environmental pollution on wild life health
Dr A.B.Shrivastav
Biotechnological methods for evaluation of genotoxicity
Dr A.P.Singh
HPTLC versus HPLC An Overview
Dr A.H.Ahmad
HPLC Troubleshooting
Dr A.H.Ahmad
Statistical Application in experimental design
Dr M.S.Thakur
Environmental Pollutants affecting reproductive pwerformance of animals
Dr S.N.Shukla
Embryo Transfer Technology -hands on training
Dr S.K.Jain
Antibiotic residue and environmental pollutants
Dr R.P.S.Baghel
Drug Residues and its regulation in India
Dr Arpita Shrivastav
Drug Abuse and antimicrobial resistance major threat in clinical practices
Dr P.C.Shukla
General Principles of Instrumentations
Dr M.A.Quadri
Dr Vidhi Gautam
Short Course

Drug residues and environmental pollutants
11 Sep 2013 - 20 Sep 2013


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