Importance of rootstocks in fruit production
Genetics, breeding and selection of rootstocks in vegetable for biotic stress.
Dr. A.T. Sadashiva
Rootstocks in the management of soil borne pathogens
Enhancing nutrient use efficiency through rootstocks in fruits and vegetables
Dr. A.N.Ganeshamurty
Rootstocks and nematode management in vegetable crops
Physiology of rootstocks-scion interactions under drought and flooding stresses
Effect of rootstocks on quality of fruit and vegetables
Effect of grafting on antioxidant properties of fruits and vegetables
Hormonal signaling in rootstock-scion interactions
Dr.T.G. Prasad
Response of horticultural rootstocks to arbuscular micorrhizal (AM) fungi
Dr. Panneer Selvam
Significance of rootstock in vegetable under field and protected production system
Dr.M. Prabhakar
Post grafting management of micro-climate and cost of graft production in vegetables
Role of grafting in improving salinity tolerance
Dr. K.K.Upteti
Root characteristics and their role in imparting tolerance to abiotic stresses
Dr.R.H. Laxman
Secondary metabolites and stress tolerance in crops
Dr. S.Shivshankra
Impact of climate change on rootstock biology
Dr. N.K.Srinivasa Rao
Application of molecular tools for selection of resilient rootstocks to abiotic stresses
Dr. K.V. Ravishankar
`Dogridge’ – A success story
Dr.G.S. Prakash
Physiological basis for modifications in vigour and reproductive growth using rootstocks
Dr V Ravindrar
Short Course

Rootstocks in Resilient Horticulture Production System
19 Aug 2013 - 28 Aug 2013


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