Weed management in major rabi oilseeds
Dr. R. A. Sharma, Director
Advances in seed production techniques in Rapeseed-mustard
Dr. B. K. Kandpal
Selection of suitable varieties for seed production of rapeseed-mustard
Bhagirath Ram
Characteristics and Identification of different varieties/ hybrid of rapeseed-mustard (Experiments and Field visit)
Dr. J. Nanjundan
Selection of suitable varieties for seed production of safflower and linseed
PC, linseed
An overview of Protection of Plant Variety and Farmers Rights Act (PPVFRA)
Introduction to seed and history of seed industry in India
Dr V. V. Singh, Pr Sci (PB)
General principles of seed production
Dr. S.R. Maloo, Dean, RCA, Udaipur
Economics of seed production- A case study (Hand on experiences)
Lijo Thomas
Information and communication techn (ICT) based transfer of technology for rabi field crops (Hand on experiences)
Dr. Vinod Kumar
Determinations of quality parameters in seed production
Dr. Manju Bala
Diagnosis and Identification of diseases of rapeseed-mustard
team of scientists
Field inspection: procedure and standards in rabi oilseeds
Dr. D.K. Yadav
Integrated nutrient management in rapeseed-mustard
Dr. N.S. Bhogal
Advances in seed processing and seed storage
Dr. E.V.D. Sastry,
Seed certification- Procedure and important agencies
Dr. R.K. Trivedi, DC
Importance of Agro-advisory Services and weather based crop insurance schemes
Dr. Ashok Kumar Sharma
Scope and Prospects of seed industry in India
S R Maloo
Integrated Nutrient Management in Safflower and linseed
Dr S S rathore
Orobanchae management in rapeseed mustard
Dr S S rathore
Short Course

Advances in Seed Production and Processing of Rabi oilseeds
04 Dec 2013 - 13 Dec 2013


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