Biotechnological approaches for arid fruit crops improvement
Dr. Prabhulinga G.
Role of PGR for maximization of arid fruit crops production
Dr. A. Amareguda
Sustainable fruit production for nutritional security in arid and semi-arid regions of India
Dr. M. G. Patil
A tree based land use system (LUS) for sustainability and nutritional security
Dr. T. B. Allolli
Advanced processing technologies for preservation of arid fruits
Dr. U.R. Nidoni
Application of nano technology in post harvest preservation of arid fruits
Dr. Sharanagouda Hiregoudar
Bio control agents for management of insect pests of arid fruit crops
Dr. Arunkumar Hosamani
Precision Nutrient management for resource conservation in agriculture
Dr. M.R. Umesh
Arid fruit crops success stories of the farmers
Dr. P. Vasudev Naik
Economically important insect pests in arid fruits and their management
Dr. A.G. Sreenivas
Genetic improvement of arid zone fruits
Dr. T. Shakthivel
advances in water management in arid fruit crops
Dr. Rajkumar Hallidoddi
eSAP a novel ICT application for pest management in arid fruit crops
Dr. A. Prabhuraj
Status of arid fruit zone production in India
Dr. T. Shakthivel
Breeding Arid fruit crops and their protection through intellectual property rights
Dr. J.M. Nidagundi
Farmers producer companies issues and challenges
Dr. Jagrati B Deshmanya
Horticulture based integrated farming system
Dr. B.K. Desai
Advances in nutrient management for sustainable arid fruit crops
Dr. Satyanarayanarao
Economically important diseases affecting arid fruits and their management
Dr. Yenjeerappa
Recent advances in agricultural and Horticultural farm mechanization
Dr. Veeerangouda M.
Concept of high density planting in arid fruit crops
Dr. Praveen Joglikar
Recent advances in major arid fruit crops production
Dr. Kulapathi Hippargi
Role of Apiculture in maximization of productivity of arid fruit crops
Dr. Sanganna M Sajjanar
Tapping potential of arid fruit genetic resources for food and nutritional security
Dr. B. V. Temnburne
Importance of Pesticide Residue -Arid fruits
Dr. M. Bheemanna
Scope and potential for by-products utilization of arid fruits
Dr. V. Palanimuthu
Short Course

Arid fruit crops diversification, recent production technologies and value addition for sustainable livelihood and doubling farmers income
03 Jan 2022 - 12 Jan 2022


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