Agroecotourism, food forestry, and scope of microbes for enhancing soil fertility
Partha Varanashi
Farm typology
AK Prusty
Pollination services
Joseph Rajkumar
Land degradation development land use policy
SK Singh
Integrated organic farming system
Anup Das
Arecanut based cropping systems
S Sujatha
Scope of homestead farming system for suitability in coastal agroecosystems
Jacob John
Overview of coastal agriculture
Dr Parveen Kumar
Ecological variables for ecosystem analysis land degradation development
Dr Surnedra Kumar Singh
Fish farming in coconut gardens: prospects and farming systems
Dr Sreekanth GB
Coastal agroforestry systems in India: An ecosystem service perspective
Dr AK Handa
coconut/arecanut based integrated farming systems for livelhood security
Dr N Ravishankar
Kulagars of Konkan coast
Narendra Pratap Singh
Scope of agroforestry systems for delivering provional ecosystem services
Dr Arun Jyoti Nath
Carbon sequestration potential of agroforestry concept, methodology and application
Sangram Chavan
Scope of Agroecourism in coastal India
Solomon Rajkumar
Litter Dynamics in Plantations and Agroforestry Systems
Trisha Roy
Coconut and arecanut based integrated farming systems for livelihood security
N Ravi Shankar
Coconut leaf vermicompost can boost soil ecosystem services
Murali Gopal
Ecossytem services in coconut and arecanut based home gradens in Coastal India
Kunhamu T K
Integration of desirable traits and preferred genotypes of Neglected and underutilized crops in planation crops ecosystem
P Murugesan
Post harvest Virgin Coconut oil
Mrs. Sunetra Talualikar
Economic analysis of diversified cropping systems
R Raju
Scope of farm development card in enhancing farm sustainability
Umakant behera
Time series analysis using machine learning models
Santosh Rathod
Short Course

Ecosystem service analysis in diversfied coconut, arecanut gardens
21 Feb 2022 - 02 Mar 2022


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