Trends in beekeeping research in India
Dr Balraj Singh
Biology of Apis mellifera: taxonomic position, life-cycle, colony organization and division of labour
Dr Sunita Yadav
Entrepreneurship development through honey bees and honey processing for rural youth
Dr. Sharvan M. Haldhar
Honey bee enemies other than mites and their managment
Dr. Sunita Yadav
Morphological, anatomical, and physiological adaptations in Apis mellifera
Dr. Krishna Rolania
Management of swarming, absconding, robbing, queenlessness, laying worker colonies and curbing drone population in hive bees
Sh Harish Kumar
History of beekeeping in India with particular reference to introduction and success of Apis mellifera
Dr Yogesh Kumar
Communication in honey bees and importance of various honey bee pheromones to the members of a colony
Dr. Lomash Kumar
Basic principles, requirements and concepts of starting beekeeping
Dr. Manoj Kumar Jat
Seasonal management of A. mellifera colonies
Dr. P K Chhuneja
Quality control and value addition of bee hive products
Dr. Neha Chaudhary
Honey harvesting, processing, storage, packaging and marketing
Dr. H D Kaushik
Bee flora: distribution, importance and utility to honey bees and migratory routes in India
Dr. D P Abrol
Scientific management of Apis mellifera colonies for honey production
Dr Raj Kumar Thakur
Nutritional physiology and ecology of honey bees
Dr. Jaspal
Migratory beekeeping – the need for Apis mellifera beekeeping, its prospects, management and problems
Dr. Yogesh Kumar
Specifications of apicultural equipment and their significance in commercial beekeeping
Dr. P K Chunneja
Introduction to IBDC activities and NBHM Scheme
Dr. Billu Yadav
Present status of pests and diseases of A. mellifera in India and Innovations in organic management of Varroa destructor
Dr. O. P. Chaudhary
Importance and management of hive bees for crop pollination
Dr. O. P. Chaudhary
Bee Keeping in India: Potential, Problems and Solutions
Dr. H D Kaushik
Mass queen bee rearing : importance, need and scope
Dr Raj Kumar Thakur
Traditional and novel techniques of mass queen bee rearing of Apis mellifera
Dr. Harish Kumar Sharma
Stock improvement, selective mating and establishment of mating nuclei of A. mellifera
Dr Harish Kumar Sharma
Pesticidal poisoning to honey bees and its management
Dr. S S Yadav
Honey Bee diseases, their diagnosis and management
Dr. D P Abrol
Integrated pest and honey bees management: expanding the ecological base concept
Dr. Naveen Aggarwal
Short Course

Scientific management of Apis mellifera colonies for nutritional and economic security
25 Jan 2022 - 03 Feb 2022


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Dr Manoj Kumar Jat and Dr Harish Kumar

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