Climate change mitigation strategies for saline soils using forestry options
Dr Ajay K Bhardwaj
Mapping of trees in agroforestry landscapes (TOFs) through geospatial technologies
Dr RH Rizvi
Recent innovations in reclamation and management of salt affected soils
Dr RK Yadav
Understanding physiological mechanisms in MPTs for increasing tolerance from abiotic stresses
Dr Anita Mann
Opportunities in managing vertisols through agroforestry interventions
Dr Anil Chinchmalatpure
Field scale implementation of technologies through farmers’ participatory approach in salt affected lands
Dr P Sheoran
Alternative amendments for the sustainable management of sodic soils
Dr AK Rai
Halophilic PGPR in mitigation of abiotic stress and boosting of productivity from salt affected ecologies
Dr Sanjay Arora
Agroforestry based ecosystem services: Insights for better tomorrow
Dr Sanjeev K Chauhan
Improved technologies for harnessing the productivity of salt affected lands
Dr PC Sharma
Latest carbon assessment tools and techniques in agroforestry practices
Dr Ashim Datta
Socio-economic assessment of potential agroforestry systems in salt affected landscapes-tools and techniques
Dr Subhasis Mandal
Current status and new vistas in agroforestry research and development Current status and new vistas in agroforestry research and development
Dr AK Handa
Decision Support Systems (DSS) for agroforestry management in salt affected areas
Dr DS Bundela
Agroforestry options in salt affected soils: current status and future insights
Dr R Banyal
Techniques for diagnosis and characterization of salt affected soils
DR AK Mandal
Extent of salinity problem in different agro-ecological regions of India: need for concerted efforts
Dr MJ Kaledhonkar
Insights of waterlogging and salinity management through bio-drainage: reflections from Haryana state
Dr R Banyal
Groundwater recharge for sustainable farming systems in salt affected ecologies
Dr Satyender Kumar
Breeding strategies for enhancing tolerance and productivity of agroforestry trees in marginal lands
Dr Ashok Kumar
Agroforestry for farmers’ livelihood security: reflections from salt affected ecologies
Dr Ranjay K Singh
Recent developments in bio-saline agriculture in mitigating salinity and climate change impacts
Dr JC Dagar
Landshaping technologies for enhancing the productivity of waterlogged salt-affected lands in coastal region
Dr D Burman
Bamboo as resource for boosting the economy of marginal landscapes
Dr R Kaushal
Enhancing productivity of agroforestry systems by introducing higher economic MPTs in salt affected areas
Dr Raj Kumar
Potential of fruit based agroforestry systems for livelihood security in salt affected areas
Dr Raj Kumar
Short Course

Recent Developments in Agroforestry Dimensions for Managing Salt Affected Ecologies
22 Feb 2022 - 03 Mar 2022


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Dr Raj Kumar (Agroforestry)
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