Microbial biopesticides - concept to commerce
Dr. S,K. Malhotra
Exploring untapped potential of microbial whirlpool for organic agriculture (Theory)
Dr. L.C. Bora
Developing microbial consortia for plant health managementry and practical)
Dr. D. J Nath
Plant microbiome , the origin of secondary metabolites as an alternative of plant defense (Theory)
Dr. M.V. Deshpande
Entomopathogen for pest management in organic crop production
Dr. Inee Gogoi
Identification of fungal bioagents using molecular markers
Dr. P.D. Nath
Molecular Characterization of fungal bioagents by ITS Primers (Practical)
Dr. Popy Bora
Decoding plant microbiome through multi-omics for disease management (Theory)
Dr. Madhumita Barooah
Isolation , identification and characterization of rhizosphere microbiome ( Practical)
Dr. B.C. Nath
Isolation and Screening antagonistic potential of microbes against plant pathogens (Practical)
Dr. B.C. Nath
Analytic techniques of plant microbiome : Hands on exposure with bioinformatics (Practical)
Dr. M.K. Modi
Identification of bacterial antagonists from gene pool of wild plant rhizosphere (Practical)
Dr. Anurag KshyapBorah
Analysis of insect gut microbiome: molecular and microbiological methods
Dr. Arun Kumar
Isolation and entomopathogen-insect interaction and value addition in microbial formulation (Practical)
Dr. Pumima Das
Unlocking productivity potential of crops through biofertilizers ( Theory)
Dr. Rajen Barua
Approaches for exploring plant microbiome against the emerging viral diseases (Theory)
Dr. Munmi Borah Nath
Formulation of microbial biofertilizers and biopesticides , hands-on training (Practical)
Dr. Rajen Barua
Developing microbial consortia for plant health management
Dr. D.J.Nath
Plant microbiome –mediated management of post-harvest diseases
Dr D. K. Sarma
Management of Fusarium wilt Race 4 through microbial intervention
T. Damodaran
Plant growth promoting microbes (PGPMs) and plant health relationship ( Analysis of PGPMs -hands on training )
Dr Anjuma Gayan
Screening of endophytes for secondary metabolites against plant parasitic nematodes ( Theory and Practical)
Dr. B. Bhagabati
Short Course

Bioprospecting Plant Microbiome -a Novelty to Plant Health Management in Organic Production System
19 Jan 2022 - 28 Jan 2022


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Dr. Ashok Bhattacharyya, Director of Research, Assam Agricultural University, Jorhat
Dr P.D. Nath, Professor, Department of Plant Pathology, Assam Agricultural University , Jorhat , Assam

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