Pulse based crop diversification: Farmers field experiences
Dr. Uma Sah
Virus diseases in pulses and their management
Dr. Md. Akram
Estimation of soil carbon fractions, soil enzymes, and estimation of soil quality index (Practical)
Mr. Asik Dutta and Dr. C.P. Nath
Conservation agriculture and ecosystem services: deciphering through higher productivity, profitability, and resource-use efficiency
Dr. A.R. Sharma
Future perspectives for developing cultivars for mechanized farming and climate resilience in chickpea
Dr. Yogesh Kumar
Post-harvest management and processing of pulses for value addition
Dr. Prasoon Verma
Remote sensing application and precision agriculture in pulses production systems
Ms. M. Kancheti
Pigeonpea scenario in India and its potential for diversification of rice-wheat system
Dr. D. Dutta
Biotechnological approaches for pulse improvement
Dr. Meenal Rathore
Plant ideotype and physiological approaches for climate change adaptation and mitigation in pulses
Dr. D.P. Patel
Farm mechanization and machine learning in pulses systems
Dr. M.M. Deo
Promising pulses varieties in diversified agro-ecologies in India
Dr. Farindra Singh
Hybrid pigeonpea: progress and prospects
Dr. I.P. Singh,
Scenario of organic farming in India and opportunities in pulses production
Dr. Raghavendra Singh, PS (Agronomy), ICAR-IIPR
Nematodes infestation, their impacts of pulses and management strategies
Dr. Bansa Singh
Practical demonstration of NDVI, chlorophyll fluorescence meter and leaf spectrometry (Practical)
Dr. D.P. Patel
Sustainable intensification through various pulses by adopting system approaches in the Rice-Fallow cropping system of India
Dr. A.K. Choudhary
Status and prospects of ICTs in pulses production systems
Dr. Devraj Mishra
Mitigating abiotic stress in pulses under rice fallows through resource conservation technologies
Dr. Anup Das
Scenario and management of root diseases in pulses
Dr. Naimuddin
Role of pulses in dryland farming: recent advances and future research directions
Dr. K.A. Gopinath
Sustainable intensification of cereal based systems in IGP through pulses: Progress and prospects
Dr. H.S. Jat, PS (Agronomy), ICAR-CSSRI, Karnal
Short Course

Pulses as the climate smart crops for resource conservation and economic intensification/diversification of cropping systems
02 Mar 2022 - 11 Mar 2022


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