Bioavalibility of nutraceuticals-Effect of endogenous and exogenous factors
Dr. Peerzada Rashid Hussain
Visit to CITH/ Practical knowhow of RT-PCR
Dr Javaid Ahmad
Medicinal Plants as Futuristic Anti-cancer Functional Foods
Dr. Khalid Z. Masoodi
Nutraceuticals in pseudocereals as an alternative meicine
Dr. Reiaz ul Rehman
Genetic improvement of saffron and seed spices
Dr. M. H. Khan
Estimation of Lycopene from Tomato and anthocyanin from Black grapes
Mrs. Fauzia Shafi
Practical training on tissue culture of saffron: A carotenoid rich golden crop
Dr. Niaz A. Dar
Quality, Safety and Regulatory Aspects of Nutraceuticals- An Indian Perspective
Dr Tawheed Amin
Nutraceutical Potential of Strawberry
Dr. Sajad A. Bhat
Nutraceutical: Sources, potential health Benefits and Future challenges/Visit to FST labs
Dr. Syed Zameer Hussain
Visit to RCRQ Laboratory/Determination of Zinc in beans (Inductive Coupled Plasma Optical Emission Spectroscopy (ICPOES)/Determination of Rutin in buckwheat Rever phaseHPLC
Dr. Javid Ahmad Sofi
Recent Trends in Saffron Research and Development
Dr. B. A. Alie
Microgreens and their potential health benefit
Prof. F. A. Khan
Genomics-An overview
Dr Shah Ubaidullah
Underutilized Plant Resources for Development of Life Style Food With Special Emphasis on Buckwheat: Putting Nutrigenomics to Use
Dr. Sajad Majeed Zargar
Nutraceutical potential of Cereal Bran
Dr. Abida Jabeen
Nanotechnology for enhancing efficacy of Nutraceuticals
Dr. Saima Masood
Pulses as Nutraceutical for future generations
Dr. Ashraf A. Bhat
Short Course

Opportunities of Naturally occurring Nutraceuticals as Potent Alternate Medicines of Future
05 Mar 2022 - 14 Mar 2022


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