Utilization, value addition and conservation of Indian Sandal Wood
Dr. Arun Kumar AN
Skill development and entrepreneurship opportunities in NTFPs sector
Dr. Ruchira Shukla
Harvesting, Processing and Value Addition of Natural Resins and Gums
Dr. SK Sinha
Importance of Ethnobotany and its utilization pattern
Dr. B.S. Desai
Production, Processing and Utilization of Honey and Bee Products
Dr. AA Mehta
Utilization and value addition of Bamboo resources for livelihood security
Dr. Jayesh Pathak
Nursery and Plantation techniques for commercially Important NTFPs
Dr. MB Tandel
Climate Change mitigation through NTFP resources
Dr. SV Viyol
Seed collection, oil extraction and utilization of Tree Born Oil seeds (TBOs)
Dr. RS Chauhan
Resource survey and mapping of NTFPs through GIS and RS application
Dr. Dileswar Nayak
Hands on training - Post Harvest Technology of edible resources
Dr. Dev Raj
Documentation and silvicultural intervention for conservation of Rare and threatened NTFGRs
Dr. LK Behera
Genetic variability in important NTFGRs for higher productive potential
Dr. SK Jha
MAP based agroforestry system for nutritional and health security
Dr. NS Thakur
Legislation and Institutional Frame Work for Marketing of NTFPs
Dr. HT Hegde
IPR, DUS characteristics and Varietal registration for NTFGRs
Dr. SA Huse
Project planning and operational techniques for sustainable management of NTFP resources
Dr. PK Shrivastava
Mushroom Diversity and Its utilization and value addition
Dr. Priya John
Improvement of NTFGRs through Biotechnological interventions
Dr. Vipul Parekh
Short Course

Recent trends in Sustainable utilization, value addition and conservation of Non-Timber Forest Genetic Resources (NTFGRs)
19 Jan 2022 - 28 Jan 2022


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Dr. MS Sankanur
Dr. HT Hegde and Dr. SK Sinha

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