Elementary Rudiments of Entrepreneurship in Dairy
Dr. Asitava Sur
Innovative Entrepreneurial Ideas in Livestock Sector
Dr. Shahaji Phand
Dare to Dairy ? The Economics of Competitive Entrepreneurship
Dr. Rik Chakraborti
Agri-Business and Agri-Startups: Experiences from MANAGE
Dr. R. Saravanan
Economics of Dairy Enterpreneurship
Dr. Reshma Sinha Ray
Digital Dairy Farming for Attracting Youths in Dairy Farming
Dr. Hans Ram Meena
Supply Chain Management in Making Enterprise Management Dynamic and Productive
Dr. Manas Mohan Adhikary
Entrepreneurship as a way forward for profitable farming
Dr. Mahesh Chander
Conflict and Stress Management for Optimal Efficiency in Organization
Dr. Arunasish Goswami
Attracting rural youths towards dairy entrepreneurship : The need of the hours
Dr.Malay Kumar Mandal
Decision Support System: An Essentiality for Micro Planning in Coastal Agro-Ecosystem
Dr. Sankar Kumar Acharya
Potentials of Dairy Business in India
Mr. Avijit Sarkar
Logical Framework Approach: An Important Key for Project Monitoring, Evaluation and Impact Assessment
Dr. Biswarup Saha
Application of the concepts Programme Evaluation and Review Technique (PERT) and Critical Path Method (CPM) in dairy enterprises: A network analysis perspective
Dr. Asif Mohammad
Entrepreneurial Decision Making: Role and application of Economics
Dr. Amal Goswami
Gender Dimensions in Agri-entrepreneurship: Concept, Issues and Concerns
Dr. Debabrata Basu
Entrepreneurial opportunities in Dairy Processing
Dr. Kaushik Khamrui
Food Safety and Quality Assurance of Indian Dairy Products
Dr. Kallol Kumar Pramanik
Assessment of Entrepreneurial Behaviour among Rural Youths
Dr. Souvik Ghosh
Role and needs of training towards women empowerment in dairy sector
Dr. Keshab Ch. Dhara
Gender Empowerment in Dairy Sector
Dr. Shyamsundar Dana
Excellent Dairy Products Quality vis-a-vis Clean Milk Production
Mr. Goutam Das
Schemes and Funding Opportunities for Infrastructure Development towards Entrepreneurship in Animal Husbandry
Dr. Amrita Chatterjee
Revamping Dairy Education towards Entrepreneurship development
Dr. Malay Kr. Sanyal
Short Course

Attracting Rural Youths for Entrepreneurship Development in Dairy Enterprises
16 Feb 2022 - 25 Feb 2022


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Dr.Rashma Sinha Ray

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