Endocrinology of males
Dr SPS Ghuman
Basics of ultrasonography in animal reproduction
Dr M Honparkhe
Ultrasonography of males to identify diseases affecting fertililty
Dr Ajeet Kumar
Managemental techniques to optimize reproductive efficiency in males
Dr Chandrahas
Cryoprotectants and cryoinjury: structural and molecular aspects
Dr M Anzar
Role of seminal plasma proteins in semen freezability and fertility
Dr A K Singh
Status of semen technology and AI in canines
Dr Sarita Gulabne
Impact of environmental toxicity on semen quality and fertility
Dr J S Bedi
Use of various additives, cryoprotectants, sugars on seminal parameters
Dr A K Singh
Semen evaluation: traditional and newer approaches
Dr SPS Ghuman
Semen collection, semen quality and fertility in boar and small ruminants
Dr V K Gandotra
Potential biomarkers to identify high fertility bulls
Dr CS Mukhopadhay
Poor libido in males: etiology and management
Dr Ajeet Kumar
Problems and measures to improve AI services under field conditions
Dr G S Dhaliwal
Lipid peroxidation mediated loss of sperm motility and its modulation through various additives
Dr A K Singh
Microbial quality control for semen samples
Dr A K Arora
Defining oocyte cytoplasmaic maturation : comparison across species
Dr D Dadarwal
Synchronization of estrous in dairy cattle and buffalo
Dr S Prabhakar
In vitro maturation bovine oocyte and assessment of maturation
Dr Narinder Singh
Male contraceptives to control stray population in dogs
Dr R S Cheema
Breeding soundness evaluation: a tool to identify fertile bulls
Dr Ajeet Kumar

Updates on male infertility, semen technology and quality oocyte production
16 Sep 2013 - 07 Oct 2013


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Dr Ajeet Kumar

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