Technological Developments in Traditional Fermented Dairy Product
S.K. Kanawjia
Current Scenario, Scope and Challenges of Traditional Indian Dairy Products
G.R. Patil
Sensory Evaluation of Milk and Milk Products: Requirements and Technique
Kaushik Khamrui
Technological Aspects of Traditional Dairy Beverages
Yogesh Khetra
Technological Aspects of Dried Fermented Traditional Dairy Product
Yogesh Khetra
Application of Herbs in Functionality Enhancement of Traditional Dairy Products
S. A. Hussain
Ready-To-Reconstitute Formulations for Traditional Dairy Products
R. R. B. Singh
Process Innovation in Fat Rich Dairy Products
Sathish Kumar M.H
Application of Artificial Neural Network (ANN) in Food Processing and Sensory Evaluation
A. P. Ruhil
Application of SSHE for Mechanized Production of Indian Dairy Products
A.K. Dodeja
Technology of Underutilized Traditional Milk Foods
G.S. Meena
Dairy Products for the Lactose Intolerant Population with Special Emphasis on Traditional Indian Dairy Products
Satihsh Kumar, M.H.
Color Measurement of Food Products
P. S. Minz
Laboratory Accreditation- Concept and Its Implementation
Rajan Sharma
Application of Nanotechnology in Dairy Processing
Bimlesh Mann
Fortification of Milk with Mineral and Vitamins
Sumit arora
New Approaches to Ascertain the Quality of Ghee
Vivek Sharma
Microstructure of Traditional Dairy Products
S. K. Tomar
Claim Validation Techniques for Functional Traditional Dairy Products
Rajeev Kapila
Scientific Writing: Styles and Strategies
Meena Malik
Economic Importance of Traditional Indian Dairy Products
Samit Dutta
Application of Membrane Processing in the Production of Indian Dairy Products
Vijay Kumar Gupta
Specialized Dairy Foods for Metabolic Disorders
Kaushik Khamrui
Emerging Packaging Systems and their Potential Applications for Traditional Dairy Products
P.N. raju
Technology of Low-Calorie Tradition Milk Products
P.N. Raju
Food Safety Management System for Traditional Indian Dairy Products
Devaraja H.C.
In-Vitro Techniques for Evaluation of Antioxidant Potential of Functional Dairy Foods
Rajesh Kumar
Development of Probiotic Traditional Dairy Products
Latha Sabikhi
Fortification of Indian Dairy Products with Functional Ingredients
Latha Sabikhi
Food Laws and Regulatory Issues of Traditional Dairy Products
Y.S. Rajput
Microbiological risk assessment of traditional milk products
Raghu H. V.
Microencapsulation: Delivery System for Functional Food Ingredients
Surajit Mandal
Technologies for the Production of Low-Cholesterol Ghee
Darshan Lal
Bacterial Spore based bioassay for detection of contaminants in milk
Naresh Kumar
Enhancement of Shelf Life of Indigenous Dairy Products Using Phytochemicals
Chand Ram
Developments in Starter Culture Technology for Fermented Milk Products
Surajit Mandal
Instrumental Measurement of Food Texture
Devaraja H.C.

Advances in Production, Functional, Rheological and Quality Aspects of Traditional Indian Dairy Products
08 Oct 2013 - 28 Oct 2013


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