Technological developments in probiotic dairy foods
Dr. L. Sabikhi
Technological Advances in High pressure processing of milk
Dr. A.K. Singh
Advances in nanocomposite packaging materials for dairy and food applications
Emerging trends in the development of composite dairy foods
Dr. A.K. Singh
Learning styles and strategies in agricultural education
Dr. K. H. Rao
Micro/nanoemulsions for the encapsulation of bioactive components
Dr. B. Mann
PEF technology - A potential to be realized in preservation of milk and milk products
Er. P.S. Minz
Lateral flow assay - an innovative approach for quality assurance of milk
Dr. Y.S. Rajput
Emerging trends in refrigeration and frezzing
J.K. Dabas
Advances in dairy processing equipment
P.S. Minz
Emerging trends in the production of fresh cheeses
Dr. S.K. Kanawjia
Advances in evaporation technology
Dr. A.K. Dodeja
Sodium reduction in cheese: Conventional nd futuristic technologies
Yogesh Khetra
An overview of SAS Enterprise Guide in Dairy Sciences
Dr. R. Malhotra
Developments in edible films and coatings
Dr. P. Narender Raju
Packaging and labelling requirements in new food law regime and dairy industry perspective
Sayan Banerjee
Application of machine vision system for quality evaluation of dairy and food products
Er. P.S. Minz
Application of SSHE for mechanized production of Indian dairy products
Dr. A.K. Dodeja
Specialized dairy foods for metabolic disorders
Dr. K. Khamrui
An overview of software for dairy and food engineering applications
Er. P.S. Minz
Soft computing models for quality prediction of milk and milk products
Dr. A.K. Sharma
Advances in micronutrient fortification of milk and milk products
Dr. Sumit Arora
Advances in cheese packaging
Yogesh Khetra
Technological developments in dairy-based prebiotics production
Dr. S.K. Tomar
Study of microstructure of dairy products by electron microscopy
Dr. S.K. Tomar
Innovative approaches in developing low cholesterol dairy products
Dr. Darshan Lal
Advances in drying technology
Dr. I.K. Sawhney
Emerging trends in processing and packaging of milk and milk products
Dr. G.R. Patil
Shelf life modelling of dairy products on the basis of moisture sorption studies
Dr. I.K. Sawhney
Advances in microwave technology for dairy and food processing
H.C. Devaraja
Modified atmosphere, active and smart packaging of dairy products
Dr. P. Narender Raju
Novel applications of membrane processing in dairy industry
Dr. V.K. Gupta
Characterization of kheer mohan, a nutrient dense dairy product
Er. G.S. Meena
Emerging trends in the development of breakfast foods
Sathish Kumar M.H.
Technological innovations in production of traditional dairy products
Dr. K. Khamrui
Preservation potential of plant bioactive components in dairy foods
Dr. Chand Ram
Teaching effectiveness: A two dimensional model
Dr. K. Hanumantha Rao
Learning styles and strategies in agricultural education
Dr. K. Hanumantha Rao
Rheological and textural measurement of dairy products
Dr. A.A. Patel
Technological advances in the production of milk protein hydrolysates
Dr. V.K. Gupta
Antimicrobial packaging systems for dairy products
Dr. R.K. Malik
Advances in the development of artificially sweetened dairy foods
Sathish Kumar M.H.
Emerging trends in production of functional fat-rich dairy products
H.C. Devaraja
Migration of additives from packaging materials into dairy products
Dr. P. Narender Raju
Sunday - Holiday
Innovative test kits / assays for microbiological quality assurance in dairy industry
Dr. Naresh Kumar

Innovative approaches in processing and packaging of milk and milk products
19 Jul 2013 - 08 Aug 2013


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