Determination of micronutrients and pollutant elements using AAS (P)
Dr. J.S. Manchanda
Interpretation of the information generated through GIS and remote sensing techniques (P)
Dr. Anil Sood
Management of rhizosphere to improve soil quality and crop production fertilizer use efficiency
Dr. U.S. Sadana
Managing soil quality and crop productivity: The challenges and solutions
Dr. U.S. Sadana
Laboratory assessment of pollution parameters of waste water
Dr. M.P.S. Khurana
Pollutant elements in soils and mitigation options
Dr. M.P.S. Khurana
Integrated Nutrient Management for Improving Soil Quality and Crop Yields
Dr. Bijay-Singh
Productivity and fertility of soils in the Indo-Gangetic plains of South Asia
Dr. Bijay Singh
Use of EDXRF for elemental analysis (P)
Dr. Raj Kumar
Role of crop residue management practices in sustaining soil quality and crop productivity
Dr. Yadvinder Singh
Designing soil and water conservation works for sustaining crop productivity in submontane Punjab
Dr. M.S. Hadda
Impact of long-term fertilizer use on sustaining soil quality and crop productivity
Dr. B. S. Brar
Use of ICAP-AES in soil and plant analysis (P)
Dr. Dhanwinder Singh
Enhancing water and fertilizer use efficiency through drip irrigation and fertigation
Dr. Rakesh Sharda
Nitrogen management strategies accounting plants as indicators of N fertilization
Dr. Varinderpal-Singh
A critical look on the nutrient deficiency symptoms of crops and their remedies
Dr. D.S. Bhatti
Management of Problematic Soils for Maximizing Productivity
Dr. O.P. Choudhary
Climate Change and Crop Productivity
Dr. S. K. Jalota
Management practices for restoration and improvement of soil quality
Dr. C. L. Acharya
Customized fertilizers – use, merits and demerits
Dr. B.S. Sekhon
Management of salt affected soils of India in climate change scenario
Dr. S.K. Chaudhri
Role of organic wastes for sustaining soil quality and crop productivity
Dr. H.S. Thind
Tillage interventions for enhancing crop productivity and soil quality
Dr. V.K. Arora
Characterisation of fly ash & its impact on soil quality & crop productivity
Dr. Rajeev Sikka
Optimizing Phosphorus Use Efficiency to Improve Soil Quality and Sustainable Crop Production
Dr. G.S. Saroa
Managing boron in soils of arid regions for crop productivity
Dr. Dinesh Kumar Kathuria
Determination of phosphatase activity in soils (P)
Dr. Sandeep Sharma
Advanced technologies to increase water use efficiency
Dr. S.S. Kukal
Role of bio fertilizers in improving soil quality and crop productivity
Dr. (Ms) S.K. Gosal
Management of micronutrient deficiencies for sustaining agricultural productivity
Dr. P.N. Takkar
Advances in nutrients management approaches for sustaining crop productivity
Dr. S.P. Sharma
Resource conservation technologies for improved crop and water productivity
Dr. Yadvinder Singh
Interpreting analysis of variance in different statistical designs and principal component analysis
Dr. Pritpal Singh
Biology of soil borne pathogens in food chain and their management strategies
Dr. P.P. Sahota
Acid soils of India and their management options
Dr. S.P. Sharma
Enhancing crop and water productivity of rain-fed wheat as affected by climate change scenario
Bharat Bhushan Vashisht
Concept and framework for development of soil quality index
Dr. T. Purkyastha
Does management of soil impact its quality?
Dr. T.J. Purakayastha
Determination of C and N by using CHNS analyzer (P)
Dr. Sandeep Sharma
Management of poor quality irrigation water for sustainable crop production
Dr. O.P. Choudhary
Plant responses to abiotic stresses
Dr Seema Bedi
Preparation of vermi-compost and value-added rice straw compost (P)
Dr. Kuldeep Singh

Management Technologies for Improving Soil Quality and Crop Productivity
09 Oct 2013 - 29 Oct 2013


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