An Overview on R Software
Md. Wasi Alam
SAS-An overview
Dr. Rajender Parsad
Seema Jaggi
Diversity Analysis using Artificial Neural Networks
Amrender Kumar
Multivariate Techniques for Breeding Data
Md. Wasi Alam
Experimental Designs for Breeding Trials
Cini Varghese
Protein Structure: An Overview
Tanmaya Sahu
Progeny Testing Versus MOET for Genetic Improvement in Dairy Animals
Ravinder Gandhi
Estimation of Genetic Parameters
V. K. Bhatia
Diversity Analysis using Artificial Neural Networks
Amrender Kumar
Selction for Several Charecters
A.K. Paul
Non-linear Time Series Analysis
Ranjit Kumar Paul
MD Simulation
MNV Prasad Gajula
Selection for Binary Traits
A.K. Paul
Stochastic Processes in Statistical Genetics
Best linear Unbiased Prediction
V. K. Bhatia
Analysis of Repeated Measures Data
K.L. Kalra
An Introduction to Bioinformatics
Anil Rai
Parallel Computing
S.B. Lal
Application of Scientometrics in Plant Breeding and Genetics
Statistical Techniques in Plant Breeding Experiments
S.D. Wahi
Additive main effects and multiplicative interaction (AMMI) model in crop improvement
A.R. Rao
Estimation of Repeatability in Presence of Bienniality
S.D. Wahi
Statistical Package for Agricultural Research: SPAR 2.0
A.K. Paul
Regression Diagnostics
LM Bhar
Bio-Programming for Bioinformatics
Anu Sharma
Biological Databases and High Performance Computing at Indian Agricultural Statistics Research Institute
K.K. Chaturvedi
SAS for Biometrical Study
A.K. Paul
Variance Component Estimation with Applications
V.K. Bhatia
Stability Analysis
A.R. Rao
Modeling Genotype – Environment Interaction for Quantitative Traits and Its Role in Animal Breeding
Ravinder Gandhi
Statistical Package for Animal Breeding (SPAB2)
S.D. Wahi and A.K.Paul
Sequence Alignment
Tanmaya Sahu
Classification of Crop Genotype using Self-Organizing Feature Map (SOFM)
Sukanta Dash
Molecular Modeling
MNV Prasad Gajula
Microarray Data Analysis
Sudhir Srivastava
Genetic Analysis using JMP Genomics
Sunil Archak
Multiple Hypothesis Testing and False Discovery Rate
Prawin Kumar Mehar
Linear Time Series Analysis
Ranjit Kumar Paul
Sampling technique for Whole Genome Association Analysis
Anil Rai
Bayesian Modeling in Genomics
Rashi Gupta
Next Generation Sequencing
Rashi Gupta
Weather Based Forewarning Models for Pests and Diseases in Crops
Amrender Kumar
Expert System on Wheat Crop Management
S.N. Islam
Protein Structure Analysis
MNV Prasad Gajula
Genome Annotation
Tanmaya Sahu
Statistical Modeling in Genomics
Samir Faruqi

Advances in Statistical Genetics
02 Jul 2013 - 22 Jul 2013


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Dr. Ranjit Kumar Paul
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