Adult Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSCs) in Regenerative Therapy
Dr. Ramneek and Dipak Deka
Computerized Radiography-Basic Concepts
Dr. Pallavi Verma
Colic in horses
Dr. Arun Anand
Ultrasonographic Evalution of Bovine Abdomen
Dr. Ashwani Kumar
Ultrasonographic Evluation of Thoracic Disorders in Large Animals
Dr. Ashwani Kumar
Management of Urinary Tract Disorders in Small and Large Animals
Dr. Tarunbir Singh
Echocardiography for Cardiac Diseases in Dogs
Dr. Navdeep Singh
Recent Advances in Management of Arthritis
Dr. Navdeep Singh
Advances in Diaphragmatic Hernia in Bovine
Dr. Narinder Singh Saini
Laparoscopy-a Diagnostic and Therapeutic Tool in Veterinary Practice
Dr. M.S. Bhadwal
Recent Advances in Teat Surgery in Bovines
Dr. P.V. Parikh
Ultrasonographic Evaluation of the Tendons and Ligaments
Dr. J. Mohindroo
Role of Ultrasonography in Diagnosis of Abdominal Disorders in Dogs and Cats
Dr. J. Mohindroo
Neurological Assessment in Small Animals
Dr. S. S. Singh
Molecular Diagnostic Techniques for Animal Diseases Diagnosis
Dr. P.N. Dwivedi
Application of Ultrasonography in the Evaluation of Bovine Reproductive Tract
Dr. P.S. Brar
Judicious Use of Antibiotics in Veterinary Practice
DR. SPS Saini
Internal Fracture Fixation Techniques and their Advancements in Canine
DR. M. Raghunath
Basics of MRI and its Applications
DR. S.S. Bakshi
Doppler Ultrasonography: Basic Principles and Applications
Pallavi Verma
Diagnostic Cytology – An Emerging Tool in Surgical Interventions in Veterinary Practice
DR. N.K. Sood
Interlocking Nailing its Application in Small and Large Animal Orthopaedics
Dr. M. Raghunath
Post-mortem Techniques and Collection of morbid material
Dr. H.S. Banga
Principles of Echocardiography
Dr. Parampal Singh
Topographic Anatomy of Bovine Abdomen
Dr. Opinder Singh
Radiography of Heart
Dr. Arun Anand
Application of Radiography and Ultrasound in Veterinary Medicine
Dr. Narinder Singh Saini
Recent Advances in Management of Arthritis
Dr. Navdeep Singh
General Anesthesia in Bovine and Equine
Dr. Tarunbir Singh
Application and Advantages of Inhalant Anaesthesia in Small Animal Patients
Dr. Simrat Sagar Singh

Cutting edge technologies in diagnostic and surgical procedures for veterinary patients
05 Sep 2013 - 25 Sep 2013


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