Genetic mechanism for commercialization of heterosis breeding in cole crops.
Dr. Vidya Sagar
Concluding Session and Valedictory Function
Dr. Vijay Singh Thakur
Visit to pathology lab
Dr. H R Gautam
Recent approaches for breeding and production of ginger
Dr. H. Dev Sharma
Strategies for breeding and seed production of cucumber.
Dr. R.K Bhardwaj
Strategies for breeding and improvement in vegetable crops.
Dr. M.L Bhardwaj
Breeding strategies for abiotic stress in vegetabel crops
Dr. Amit Vikram
Visit to University Museum
Dr. Amit Vikram
Visit to IARI, RS Katrain
Dr. Chander Prakash
Use of PGR s in quality production of veegtabel crops
Dr. K.S Tahkur
Visit to different departments
Dr. Meenu Gupta
Genetic improvement and production technology of cabbage
Dr . Vidya Sagar
Biotechnological tools in improvement of vegetables
Dr. R.K Gupta
Developing of transgenics in vegetable crops
Dr. R.K Gupta
Vegetable production in hilly regions
Dr. U.K Kohli
Scenario of exotic vegetabel production in the country.
Dr. U.K Kohli
Advances in heterosis breeding in tomato
Dr. H.R Sharma
Breeding for disease resistance in solanaceous crops.
Dr. N.P Dohroo
Role of pollinators in breeding and seed production of vegetable crops
Dr. J.P Sharma
Breeding approaches for management of biotic stress in vegetable crops
Dr. R.C Sharma
Role of molecular breeding in improvement of vegetable crops.
Dr. Rajender Kaur
Exposure visit to HAREC/ RHRS, Bajaura and IARI RS Katrain, Kullu Valley, HP
Dr. S.P Singh
Visit to HAREC/RHRS Bajaura
Dr. S.P Singh
Visit to seed production Farm/ Seed Processin unit
Dr. D.K Mehta
Breeding for resistance in cole crops
Dr. Sandeep Kansal
Sceanrio of vegetable production in india- an overview
Dr. ML Bhardwaj
Breeding and production of vegetables under protected cultivation
Dr. Manish Kumar
Production strategies for exploiting genetic potential of vegetable crops.
Dr. K.S Thakur
Use of protected structure for breeding of Vegetable Crops
Dr. Manish Kumar
Recent approaches for breeding and production of turmeric
Dr. H. Dev Sharma
Disease Management Strategies of ginger, turmeric and other spice crops
Dr. Meenu Gupta
Techniques of biochemical analysis in vegetable and spice crops.
Dr. Vipin Sharma
Visit to university Library
Dr. Santosh Kumari
Breeding strategies for improvement in root crops.
Dr. R.K Bhardwaj
Visit to integrated model Farming system
Dr. S.P Singh
Recent techniques in post harvest management and processing of vgeetables
Dr. V.K Joshi
Strategies for improvement and off- season production of capsicum
Dr. Santosh Kumari
New approaches in disease management of vegetable crops
Dr. H R Gautam
Breeding and production of exotic and underutilized vegetable crops.
Dr. SP Singh
Precision farming technologies for enhancement of vegetable production
Dr. RS spehia
Breeding varieties for insect resistance and IPM strategy for vegetable crops
Dr KC Sharma
Visit to Entomology lab
Dr KC Sharma
Advances in pre and post harvest management of vegetable seed crops
Dr HS Kanwar
Feed back by the particiapnts and evaluation
Dr. ML Bhardwaj
Role of All India coordinated Research project in Vegetable improvement
Dr. B Singh
Advances in Breeding and production of Okra
Dr. B Singh

Recent approaches for breeding and production of vegetable crops
20 Aug 2013 - 09 Sep 2013


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