User Manual

Participate In Training

1. List of training programs will be shown.
2. Click on any "Training Title" to view the details of training program.

3. After clicking on 'Apply' link, get the window with your personal details.
4. Click on 'Edit' button to update the personal details.
5. Click on 'Save' button to save your personal details and then click on 'Next' button.

6. Click on 'Edit' button to fill all the "Academic Details" and "Experience Details" and click on "Next" button.

7. Fill "Draft/Postal order Details" in case of only summer/winter school and short course training programs.
8. Not applicable in CAFT training program. click on "Next" button.

9. Advance form will be generated with entire details of trainee.
10. Click on 'Print' link to take the print out of Advance Application form and take signature from the competent authority of the institute/university.

11. Click on 'Upload Approved Application File' button to upload signed "Advance Application form" (Approved Application Form) in pdf/doc/jpg/jpeg/docx.
12. Click on 'Submit' button for final submittion.

13. "Succesfully applied in training program" message will be shown.